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  1. Danny Tuel


    Wrap the outside with Tyvek. It's better than plastic in that it will breath while still doing the job. I like bat insulation better than foam for the same reasons already mentioned, Wiring , plumbing etc. Here's a short explanation of Tyvek from their website. DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap® is the...
  2. Danny Tuel

    Looking at a fully restored 1966 Plymouth Satellite 383 tomorrow any idea what a fair price is these days? My mind is still stuck in 2012.

    It doesn't really matter if it's a Commando, Super Commando or whatever. It's not the original engine but as long as it runs and performs good it's a step up from the 273. This year/model is something you either love or hate as far as body styles go. They just don't bring the big dollars that...
  3. Danny Tuel

    Is PG Classics Reputable?

    UPS can make some real screwy mistakes too, So it may be their fault. I have gotten the same message from them and then my package will arrive a day or 2 later. They are almost as bad as FEDEX but not quite. Whenever a shipper uses FEDEX I know I'm in for a problem :) If it doesn't arrive in a...
  4. Danny Tuel

    2.93 gears?

    I think we all bleed red don't we ???
  5. Danny Tuel

    2.93 gears?

    Then please don't be THE ONE. It's very childish ..........
  6. Danny Tuel

    auction, or sell out right?

    Always a guy who thinks he is funny but really isn't. Guys like you are lots of help .........
  7. Danny Tuel

    100% anti freeze or 50/50 mix ?

    My experience is that shrouds are very important. Original fans seem to work the best. Haven't had much luck with electric fans in severe overheating problems. I tried water wetter. It might help if you have a minor problem but I saw no positive results from it or any other of the snake oil...
  8. Danny Tuel

    Radiator Fan: Blow Towards Motor or Radiator?

    Who gives a $hit other than very **** people trying to show everyone else how smart they are ? BTW, It didn't impress me at all :)
  9. Danny Tuel

    Smoking from valve cover cap

    Sounds like a bit of blow by to me. Yes a PCV valve will help with the fumes but sounds like valves or rings are worn. Just my opinion which may be worth nothing ????
  10. Danny Tuel

    I think it's time to sell, but wiw?

    I never deal in anything but cash. Most serious buyers of our type cars know this is usually the way it's going to be. Research, Research and more research will tell you a close value on your car. Be realistic and always build a little cushion in there to bargain with. I usually ask 10% more...
  11. Danny Tuel

    Need some Women advice guys.

    71 years old here, I've been married twice and had a few live ins. If a girl is only interested in what car you drive or how much money you have move on. She isn't going to make you happy.
  12. Danny Tuel

    Behind glove box, what is it...

    Yes it will give you a little shock but that way you know it's working :) The dash lights on a 66 and 67 Charger can be a Pain. They are like old Christmas tree lights. If one gauge or the radio or console lights go out it all goes out. Been fighting it for 2 years now. Had my gauges restored...
  13. Danny Tuel

    3.23 or 3.55, this is the question

    I'm running 3:55's in my 1966 Charger with warmed over 383. It will roast the tires but if that's all I really wanted I would probably go with 3:91's. Most Road Runners and Super Bee's came from the factory with 3:23's. It's a great highway gear. Remember Spinning Ain't Winning :)
  14. Danny Tuel

    The New Vise Grips Are To Be Released 4/19/21

    We older guys learned and realize that you get what you pay for. Not so much with some of the younger generation. It usually takes them about 3 trips to HF to buy a tool and have it break the first time they use it to start paying a little more and having something that lasts for years instead...
  15. Danny Tuel

    Retrofit radiant heat (Warmboard)

    Please don't use the term Retarded. Some of us have mentally challenged family members and it is a very hurtful term for that. Thanks :-)
  16. Danny Tuel

    Lasers Not So Expensive Any Longer

    Its a scam. See stuff like this on Facebook all of the time. I fell for it once. I used Paypal so got my money back. If it looks like it's too good to be true. It's usually a scam. Sorry.
  17. Danny Tuel

    Buyers remorse!!!

    If he doesn't want his money back he is being unreasonable. He bought a used rear end as is and now he is wanting a rebuilt rear end for that price. Can't say he is a very good friend. I would tell him he can have his money back or nothing. You won't be losing much of a friend if he refuses that.
  18. Danny Tuel

    426 wedge vs 440

    I don't understand what your Ins. company has to do with Collectors plates. In Ohio Collector or Historical Vehicle license plates come from the state.
  19. Danny Tuel

    Rant: Auto parts store employees can really be useless sometimes

    I do the same thing and still get told they don't have it in stock sometimes. You need lots of patience to shop for parts today :-)
  20. Danny Tuel

    New tires for the 73' Roadrunner, am I missing any good ones.

    Give this guy a call. He advertises direct fit Cragar SS and he has trim rings. Don't know if they are polished or chrome. Worth a shot. He's a nice guy to talk to. He holds a big Car Show in the fall of the year near Sacramento/Stockton/ Modesto area in CA. http://www.petepaulsen.com/home.html