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  1. Dale Lucy

    Winter Project - ‘69 GTX Engine Compartment Rehab

    I got to see your car in person at Mopars in the Park. The pictures in this thread do not do it justice. Fantastic work!
  2. Dale Lucy

    Pitman Arm 69 Road Runner

    I just replaced the pittman arm on my 69 GTX, the original and replacement looked just like Dadsbee above. Works just fine Dale
  3. Dale Lucy

    Repop tail light bezel, '69 GTX

    I do plan on being at Carlisle, never been there before. I'll be looking for a trunk finish panel as well, as mine is way pitted
  4. Dale Lucy

    Repop tail light bezel, '69 GTX

    This is what I have now: Factory bezel that is on the car now: you can see pits on all 3 'layers' of chrome. The more better replacement, it has a couple of pits on the second layer, and several on the third Dale
  5. Dale Lucy

    Repop tail light bezel, '69 GTX

    yep. nothing available at this time
  6. Dale Lucy

    Repop tail light bezel, '69 GTX

    I have a pretty nice RH bezel that I'm going to put on the car, I'll keep the original LH one (its a 6ft quality bezel), on until I find a nice replacement,
  7. Dale Lucy

    Repop tail light bezel, '69 GTX

    So, an update. I ordered a pair of bezels from PGClassics a couple of weeks ago when they had a 20% off coupon, and got them a few days ago. On initial inspection, they look great, a few oohs and awws (so shiny). Its when you look closer that it becomes apparent that the molds are not that...
  8. Dale Lucy

    69 B Body convertable quarter glass removal

    I worked mine 3 years ago, and Wild R/T is correct, the video mentioned above is certainly informative, but somewhat useless when working a conv. In addition to taking a lot of pics, I only did one side at a time, and used the intact side as a guide. And yes, everything has to come out. Dale
  9. Dale Lucy

    label for convertible top switch

    I am in need of the small label that goes below the convertible top switch on my '69 GTX, mine came off, and I put it somewhere 'safe'. It looks like this: If anyone knows where to get one, I would be greatful. Dale SW Michigan
  10. Dale Lucy

    SOLD 4 Plymouth Division hubcaps

    Set of 4 Plymouth Division dog dish hubcaps, 9 inch. $125 shipped from St Joseph, MI. I accept pp f&f or postal MO. Dale SW Michigan
  11. Dale Lucy

    worn leaf springs?

    Thanks for all the reply's I'll probably just replace the bushings, etc., next fall/winter. Dale
  12. Dale Lucy

    worn leaf springs?

    This may be a dumb question, but that never stopped me before. How does a fella know if his leaf springs are worn out enough to warrant replacement? My GTX rides fairly well and sits level. Leave well enough alone? Dale SW Michigan
  13. Dale Lucy

    Battery tray bracket on a 69 road runner.

    2 braces underneath, one brace on the forward end that goes to the inner fender. This is not my car/battery tray, but gives you an idea: Dale SW MI
  14. Dale Lucy

    SOLD 1962-74 Hotchkis Pivot Shaft Kit

    I'll take 'em. PM inbound
  15. Dale Lucy

    Repop tail light bezel, '69 GTX

    I see on ebay that there is a re-pop bezel for sale that has some warpage, I wonder if that is just the risk you would take in buying them? Dale
  16. Dale Lucy

    Repop tail light bezel, '69 GTX

    From what I have read, it would be almost as much to get a set repaired/re-chromed, than to buy the re-pops (maybe more?)
  17. Dale Lucy

    Repop tail light bezel, '69 GTX

    Anyone have any experience with the repop tail light bezels for '69 GTX? $950.00 a pair at Classic Industries. Dale SW MI
  18. Dale Lucy

    SOLD Used complete Classic air system for Non-A/C b-body

    Its a perfect fit elite (2066) for the main unit, 6-303 for the engine pulley/brackets (383/400/440) Dale
  19. Dale Lucy

    SOLD Used complete Classic air system for Non-A/C b-body

    Putting the car back to stock (as stock as I can afford anyways). Dale