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  1. KingCordoba

    '76 Chrysler Cordoba side 'trellis' pinstripe decals

    Thank you for answering. Looking to do a re-spray soon, wanted to re-do the decals without having to get into the extra labor to detail by hand
  2. KingCordoba

    Dropkick Murphys?

    Metalhead here, too. Kinda why i like the band. i've partied with them.... and they know how to get around Boston.
  3. KingCordoba

    I'm Old...

    Great sentiment. Put it to paper. That's why we keep these cars.... It's who we were, but still are.
  4. KingCordoba

    To all you Truckers out there . . .

    Yeah, i just found my truck in Jan of 2019. And yeah, i just found the truck forum. i am there now.
  5. KingCordoba

    What do you guys do with your old Mopar, and other, magazine collections?

    i have mags from Hagerty and H.O.G., i give them to shops who do work on my vehicles. There's a couple mechanical shops, a body shop, a place that works on plows, a truck shop, and an upholstery shop. Pretty much anyplace that has a waiting room.
  6. KingCordoba

    Dropkick Murphys?

    Song is a nod to an Aussie band, same time frame as AC/DC. Rose Tattoo is another Aussie band in the same vein, just never got the same recognition. Dropkicks are a fave of mine, my best friend from HS is a sound guy, did some shows they played up in Burlington
  7. KingCordoba

    '76 Chrysler Cordoba side 'trellis' pinstripe decals

    i have a '76 Cordoba, paint color Cream. i've checked your site, but i don't see much offered under Chrysler. Do you make reproductions of these trellis-type fender, door and quarter decals? Also runs on the center trunk lip. Clear decals with black design. i can get you a photo if need be but...
  8. KingCordoba

    Time for a full bushing upgrade...

    Thanks for the sources, have a request in for ESPO and i'm researching PST
  9. KingCordoba

    Time for a full bushing upgrade...

    ... and i'm looking for help from the wiser-than-me, been-there folks. i've been trying to source a full bushing kit for my '76 Cordoba. i've been TOLD that such a kit is out there, but after several sessions and hours of scouring such sites as Jegs, Summit, Rock Auto, JimsAutoParts, etc. and...
  10. KingCordoba

    FOR SALE 1972 Dodge Coronet Wagon

    Thanks for the update, i'll let him know. Hell, even if he can't, i'll be in Ohio in late June, i might be interested myself....
  11. KingCordoba

    '75-'77 Cordoba hubcaps

    i would consider those also. At this point, if they stick to the car, i'm willing to consider any option... :rolleyes:
  12. KingCordoba

    FOR SALE 1972 Dodge Coronet Wagon

    i know it's been since mid- April without an update, but is this car sold yet? i have a friend looking... He's in OR, but just moved there from IL and may return at some point to pick up his Crown Vic. He wants to get into an A or B body driver for his new stomping grounds.
  13. KingCordoba

    '75-'77 Cordoba hubcaps

    i've been searching, but can't find anything recent on whether anybody has any early-version Cordoba hubcaps available. My '76 has those short valve stems with the notorious extender caps, and ever since last summer when i popped the 'caps to make sure the pressures were right, i have 2 that...
  14. KingCordoba

    Looking to help out a friend just moved to OR...

    A friend of mine just moved from IL to the Medford area in OR. He has sold off his Monte's, now he is looking to get into an A or B body driver in his new home. He sent me some ads of cars he's looking at, i wondered if anyone would be willing to offer thoughts, advice etc. (there's only so much...
  15. KingCordoba

    Am I ruining my car?

    My personal opinion... well, i kinda like things original. But then, i'm a bit of a stick-in-the-mud. No matter what... your car, your way. i kinda prefer the original rims and steering wheel, but there's always room for personal expression. Car looks good either way! Only one word of advice...
  16. KingCordoba

    Hi from central oregon

    Holy CRAP that brings back some memories! Myself, my best friend over in New York State had a winter beater looked EXACTLY like that. Well, yours looks better lol... Every fall, we 'treated' the bad spots with fresh coats of black stove paint. Jim wound up blacking out every bit of chrome or...
  17. KingCordoba

    New to site

    Welcome, Vince, from (finally) somewhat sunny Vermont...
  18. KingCordoba

    Some ideas for 74 to 79 B Bodies

    Ah. Thanks guys, someone has buggered up my system, so i need an O.E. distributor. This helps clear things up, now i need to sort out some wiring. Possibly the carb was changed too, but it IS a plastic-bodied Thermo-Quad so i'm not sure on that one yet...
  19. KingCordoba

    Newbie from the northeast

    PRND said it lol: "Welcome. Lets see some pictures. I don't think I have anything that I had in high school..." Is it wrong i have socks and concert tee-shirts from HS? No cars though. Beautiful car you have, welcome from a tad north in Vermont...