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  1. Hemirunner

    Frame connectors how did you do it

    Same here. I wish they would have had the rest of the stiffening kit out at that time as well.
  2. Hemirunner

    cage free

    You mean like this? Lol
  3. Hemirunner

    Dana 60 build ?

    I'm at 1000fwhp and 4070lbs with a stock 3.73 geared dana 60. Just aftermarket axles and brakes. My new car will be twice that power at 3600lbs. A stock dana would just be foolish.
  4. Hemirunner

    Dana 60 build ?

    Both good points, but.....a braced 9" has the strength of the Dana, the ease of changing gear ratio of the 8-3/4 and more gear ratio and brake choices than the 8-3/4 and Dana combined. It is truly a better, more versatile rear end for racing. Having blind brand loyalty in this day and age is...
  5. Hemirunner

    70 K frame in a 65???

    Sorry guys, these are wedge K-members. Reading comprehension is my friend and my friend was away yesterday! Lol
  6. Hemirunner

    70 K frame in a 65???

    I have 3 later K frames if any of you are looking. :D
  7. Hemirunner

    How rare is this car?

    You sure couldn't restore one at that price....
  8. Hemirunner

    Station Wagons with Roll Bars

    Here, go crazy on it like this guy did. http://www.yellowbullet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914442&highlight=wagon
  9. Hemirunner

    64 Plymouth Belvedere build

    Is that why you only cut out the passenger side shock tower?
  10. Hemirunner

    dustless blasting

    What media is used in the dustless blasting process?
  11. Hemirunner

    64 Plymouth Belvedere build

    Absolutely! Wow! I want to attend as well.
  12. Hemirunner

    Gen II Hemi with twin turbo? Show me some pics if you have them

    I'm looking for 1800hp. I have built an aluminum intake plenum that bolts to an indy mod man base that I modified for 16 injectors controlled by Holley Dominator EFI. I made custom mild steel headers and if they work out, I will duplicate in stainless later on. My naturally aspirated 526 makes...
  13. Hemirunner

    Gen II Hemi with twin turbo? Show me some pics if you have them

    I have a 540 cube, all aluminum GENII going together with twin 76mm precisions. If I did a roots style I'd use a big 14 series unit so I could move more air at a lower rpm with less heat. I can tell you, your 62's might be a bit on the small side for those cubes. My 76's are for what I'm looking...
  14. Hemirunner

    64 Plymouth Belvedere build

    Nice work. I like how you put the rear halo bar under the package tray. I see so many above the tray, even with rear seat deletes, but it looks so much cleaner and gives much better visibility underneath.
  15. Hemirunner

    What could be the 727 slipping?

    The converter is probably the last thing. It's probably a band or clutches. What gear(s) was it slipping in? Only when hot? Any flare on shifts? Only slipping at a certain rpm? Did you actually check fluid level? Need way more info.
  16. Hemirunner

    Volt gauge

    The Amp gauge is virtually in inline type of gauge where the current flows through it and the voltmeter needs to be wired from 12v hot to ground.
  17. Hemirunner

    '64 330 Street Hemi build

    Nice! Eddie does great work.
  18. Hemirunner

    '64 330 Street Hemi build

    LOL, I'd have to have a complete nose, fenders, hood, two wings (yes I need two!), and the complete back half of a 70RR including taillights and then we might talk!
  19. Hemirunner

    '64 330 Street Hemi build

    LOL, I have to sell these two to afford more superbird parts:headbang: