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  1. pedal2themetal

    How hot is to hot for the ICM to run

    HI, Mines on the fire wall above the transmission sort of.. it was like 140* with a no contact thermo. rest of motor was like 185, to like 135. trying to diagnose a miss at idle and at speed 40 mph. . Replaced intake gasket, new coil, cleaned rotor and cap inside, plugs look light tan to off...
  2. pedal2themetal

    What's this part

    by battery next to washer reservoir, with a yellow button or pop up deal?? Oh 75 fury Thanks take care be safe tim
  3. pedal2themetal

    Hotter spark plug for my 75 318

    HI. I'm looking for a hotter spark plug with no luck here Not sure if my number is right.. stock calls for an Autolite APP65 I've tried looking for a APP66 and no one has any.. I'm I looking for the wrong plug? if so what should I be looking for? Thanks Take care be safe tim
  4. pedal2themetal

    Pulling my hair out.. Ignition. not starting

    HI, 1975 Fury 318. I'm at a loss.. Here's what it does and what I've had done....... What it does, Works fine for a while then it well turn over great and fast. but NO start, unless I barely turn the key.. an sometimes that don't work its worse now .. even barely turning the key doesn't...
  5. pedal2themetal

    Wire to starter relay from Key

    Hi all.. My switch has finally given up the ghost... I have two Yellow/black strip going to one leg on the relay and two brown wires going to another leg of the relay.. as well as one from battery and one going to starter.. Which is the one from the key start posistion so I can add a button to...
  6. pedal2themetal

    ignition button to power coil for start up..

    Hi this is with my 75 Fury base model custom. I'm Having a problem with my ignition switch not wanting to put a full 12V to the coil at start up all the time once its warmed up... IE: If I turn the key all the way to its stop when its been run it cranks and cranks and cranks and finally...
  7. pedal2themetal

    Ignition switch problem (starting)

    HI, (75 Fury, Custom) I've had the switch replaced once and in less than a year its doing it again.. Its a typical (you/I would think) switch problem when starting (starter well spin but no fire). When Cold it starts right up.. but after you have driven it. It won't start if you fully engage the...