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  1. 1969VAGTX

    Wrinkle Black Valve Cover Paint

    So are the valve covers typically painted while they are "warm" to get that wrinkle effect? Or is the paint somehow warmed up to spray it on? In the short term, I might just dab a little flat black paint on the couple of spots that are bare on the covers so the spots don't stand out.
  2. 1969VAGTX

    Thanks for welcoming us as new members.

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
  3. 1969VAGTX

    New to this forum from near Allentown PA

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
  4. 1969VAGTX

    69 Roadrunner 440

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA. Interesting that someone made the decision to change it from Blue (B7) to Black.
  5. 1969VAGTX


    Welcome from Virginia.
  6. 1969VAGTX

    New Member From Michigan

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
  7. 1969VAGTX

    Wrinkle Black Valve Cover Paint

    I have a couple of places on my Hemi valve covers where the wrinkle black paint has flaked off. I would like to just touch them up for now. Does anyone have a recommendation of where I can get the correct or similar paint to touch it up? I am not sure exactly what the paint is or how the texture...
  8. 1969VAGTX

    Installing Hub Caps

    I have decided to install the factory correct hub caps on my GTX. I’m wondering if there is a trick to installing them without beating the crap out of the painted wheel? I tried “popping” them on by hand and smacked on them a couple times with a mallet and decided to step back and ask for advice...
  9. 1969VAGTX

    Wheel Purchase - Opinions Needed

    They are factory 15" wheels. I believe the factory wheels were 6" wide, but I'm not absolutely certain. Never did get around to buying the Magnums yet, so still rolling on the steel wheels. Probably be a purchase for next spring now. But will be holding on to the steelies for sure.
  10. 1969VAGTX

    New member from Oregon (Or-E-gun)

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
  11. 1969VAGTX

    Newby to the site - 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee

    Welcome from Virginia!
  12. 1969VAGTX

    New to b bodies

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
  13. 1969VAGTX

    Happy Birthday 1969VAGTX

    Wasn't the only VAG I got for my birthday! :eek:
  14. 1969VAGTX

    Happy Birthday 1969VAGTX

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! Much appreciated - especially the "VAG."
  15. 1969VAGTX

    New to B Bodies in KY

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
  16. 1969VAGTX

    Door and Trunk Hinge Lubricant

    I happened to have a can of the Tri-Flow in my garage for some other reason (I can't remember). Sprayed that on the trunk and door hinges and that seemed to do the trick. I was pretty conservative with how much I sprayed so as not to end up with a big mess.
  17. 1969VAGTX

    Door and Trunk Hinge Lubricant

    Like Rem Oil, which I have in a spray can?
  18. 1969VAGTX

    Okay pretend you get to get a Hemi car, which one?

    I have the one that I want now. Finally recovered from my pissy mood/gonna sell attitude that I had last week.
  19. 1969VAGTX

    Hello from South Carolina

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
  20. 1969VAGTX

    Hello from Northern Va

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA. Bring that Road Runner to the All-Mopar show at the Chrysler of Culpeper dealership on Sunday, September 24, so we can check that thing out.