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    WTB 1970 charger rear finish panel clips

    I need 6 finish panel clips for my 70 charger. All help appreciated Thanks
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    WTB Centerforce DF810739 clutch

    If it were 10.5 i would do it but it 11 inch. Thanks
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    WTB Centerforce DF810739 clutch

    I need a 10.5 inch 18 spline clutch set up for 70 up 10.5 bellhousing. Centerforce says df810739 should work. All help appreciated Thanks
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    WTB Rear seat covers 1970 charger

    I am looking for a set of black rear seat covers for a 1970 Dodge Charger part number MB 741 100 From legendary interiors. If anybody could help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated . Thank you
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    WTB 70 to 74 challenger drivers AMD quarter panel and oem deck lid

    I need a drivers amd quarter for 70 to 74 challenger perfer 74. I know they are different but they will work. Also need a rust free deck lid for 74 challenger. Closer to chicago area the better . All help appreciated Thanks
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    WTB 1970 charger legendary rear seat covers

    I need black legendary rear seat covers for 1970 charger. All help appreciated. Long shot i know. Thanks
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    FOUND 1969 B-body K frame

    I have a 0659-2 not sure exactly how to read these if this will work? Thanks Harry
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    FOUND 1970 Big block HP exhaust manifolds

    I have a set of NOS 70 hp exhaust manifolds. Got them in a trade deal. Perfect new no rust heat riser is perfect. $600 +shipping from Indiana if interested. Can send pictures if interested. Thanks
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    FOUND 1967 440 HP Engine

    I have a completely rebuilt C440hp install date 2-1 block cast date 10-13-66. 915 heads, also new water pump, oil pump and used torker intake, no distributor but original intake is also included no pulleys or accessories but original motor mounts included $ 4500.00 let me know im in northwest...
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    WTB '70 charger windshield is needed

    I just got one from classic industries. Thanks Harry
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    WTB 1970 charger woodgrain door panel trim

    It is a SE but when i bought it the door panels were missing but the owner had a new set of panels to go with it. So i need all of them unfortunately. Thanks Harry
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    WTB 1970 charger woodgrain door panel trim

    I am looking for the metal trim that goes on the woodgrain with map pocket door panels on a 70 charger. All help appreciated Thanks Harry
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    FOUND 1970-71 B-Body Exhaust Manifolds

    I have a pair NOS for 900.00 plus shipping if interested. Thanks Harry
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    WTB 4002 Westinghouse lights

    Yes very interested thanks Harry may also be interested in GE if you dont have 4002s. Thanks
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    WTB 4002 Westinghouse lights

    All help appreciated. Thanks
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    WTB 4002 Westinghouse lights

    I am looking for two new 4002 Westinghouse headlights for my 70 charge. Will buy singles if you have them. Has to be 4002. Thanks Harry
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    WTB 1970 charger with ac blower resistor plugs

    I need to repair my harness. The resistor plugs were cut very close to plug and will make for a ugly repair. I need both plugs and about 8 to 10 inchs of wire if you have a old bad harness with these plugs good please let me know. Getting ready to put dash back in so all help appreciated...
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    WTB Hemi brake booster bracket

    One posted in mechanical forum right now