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  1. red72

    Good footwear

    I second Orthofeet, the most comfortable work shoes I've ever had. I also suffer from flat feet and need arch support.
  2. red72

    Mopar Guy here

  3. red72

    Polyurethane LCA Bushings - Yes or no

    I rebuilt my front end about 8 yrs ago with poly lca bushings, no problems.
  4. red72

    Brake lights

    Go here and download the service manual. Look under tools/reference. http://mymopar.com/index.php
  5. red72

    Trunk floor, Replace or Save

    That's not too bad, I'd save it.
  6. red72

    backing nuts for maker lights

    I found some in the help section at Autozone.
  7. red72

    Hello Everyone

  8. red72

    1972 Satellite trim clip replacement

    I have a piece of trim around the rear glass that pops loose because the clip is broken. Can these clips be replaced without removing the glass?
  9. red72

    Do it yourself front wheel alignment

    Having worn out steering components is dangerous. My advice, overhaul the front end or at least replace the components with the most wear to make the vehicle safe to drive. You can do a diy alignment and get decent results but a good alignment is not that expensive, and you can get it set to the...
  10. red72

    reflective paint for tail lite housing

    Your tail light housings look great. How did you deal with the pitting in the metal?
  11. red72

    reflective paint for tail lite housing

    I just cleaned mine up good and went with some silver.
  12. red72

    New 72

    Welcome aboard!
  13. red72

    Headliner replacement. What parts do i need?

    These forums are a gold mine of information! I'm on C bodies too. Restoring my wife's '65 sport fury.
  14. red72

    Headliner replacement. What parts do i need?

    I got a quote of about $500 so I decided to give it a go. Took the better part of a day with some help from my son. It turned out pretty good, at least for my daily driver.
  15. red72

    New guy from Memphis

    Welcome, I am just down the road from you in Olive Branch.
  16. red72

    340 oil pan

    I have a 1972 340 engine that I'm in the process of rebuilding and the oil pan is the worse for wear. Does anyone know if the oil pan off a 318 is the same? I think they would be, just want to be sure. I can probably get one fairly reasonable.
  17. red72

    275 60's out back...what size up front? 72 RR

    235/60/15 on my '72 Satellite.
  18. red72

    Transmission I.D. Question

    Thanks, that is exactly what I needed to know.