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  1. 69sunfireGTX

    HELP ! Need measurements 66-70 B body console and 4 speed!

    Make a new adapter. Its not to hard to do. With little measuring it should be pretty easy for you.
  2. 69sunfireGTX

    Whats everyone working on?

    Snap-on sells the right tool for that job. I bought one and it comes in handy sometimes. :lol:
  3. 69sunfireGTX

    Whats everyone working on?

    Keep at it. It will get there. Mine came in baskets. This is the finished product:
  4. 69sunfireGTX

    R12 frigerant.

    You need a license to buy a 30 pound canister. You do not need a license to buy 1 pound cans.
  5. 69sunfireGTX

    69 bee

    Looks like it has some good tires on it. :thumbsup:
  6. 69sunfireGTX

    Dont go by pictures.

    Are you sure that it is "I have seen it" or is it "I saw it"? Damn grammar police all over the place on this thread.:nutkick:
  7. 69sunfireGTX

    Fender Tag Decode

    I guess i missed that. :lol:
  8. 69sunfireGTX

    Fender Tag Decode

    Doing a quick search WH23: Dodge Coronet,Charger High 2 Door Hardtop U2A: 440 280HP(net) or 290HP(net) 1-4BBL 8 CYL 1972 Lynch Road, MI, USA 205018: Sequence number E86: 440 cid 4 barrel V8 (High Performance) 375hp D34: Light Duty Automatic Transmission EV2: Hemi Orange Exterior...
  9. 69sunfireGTX

    Obtaining a Buildsheet

    :drama: If you don't have a fender tag or build sheet you have to sit in the basement with the rest of us poser's :lol:
  10. 69sunfireGTX

    Dash vin tag replacement

    Why would they not be able to inspect, plate or title the car? The Vin tag is an official tag issued by the state of Florida. It's 100% legal. It might not be the original but it is legal.
  11. 69sunfireGTX

    Dash vin tag replacement

    Your car was probably stolen and recovered, usually with many missing components including the vin tag. The state issued the new Vin tag to get it back into circulation. You can not go back to the old vin tag without breaking some major laws.
  12. 69sunfireGTX

    1969 GTX 440 4 speed. Question

    Just to add to the fact finding here. My 69 GTX has a 22" radiator also. It has the original core support. Automatic with a 8 3/4" rear and 3.23 gears
  13. 69sunfireGTX

    Anyone know the weight of the trickflow 240's?

    24 lbs each "bare" according to their publishings