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  1. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Dark argent paint???

    Before U do something 2 crazy like shell out your life savings for a re-pop or paint it black, check O'reilys/murrays auto or an advanced I managed to find every color or rattle can trim color u can imagine,and they say chrysler duplicate colors right on the can,spraying light coats 12 to 15...
  2. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    What would you expect to pay

    Depending on who and where the place is I have heard people say they have paid upwards of 20k for body work alone,yuck.
  3. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    What would you expect to pay

    Average out here is 6k to 10k a car,meaning the whole car from our 2 really good body guys,could be a little more even 4 a serious basket case.
  4. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Tail light polishing...

    I knew they were pot metal,some people dont know what the hell they are so I just said tail light surrounds to make it easier,Thanks Donny,Wish u were closer I would have u blast my whole damn car,dont trust the idiots by us,any other suggestions?!
  5. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Tail light polishing...

    I have a set of 69 sport satellite/gtx tail light surrounds that need to be polished and get some pits removed, Any body know a decent place thats not an arm and a leg? Or anything I can do myself would be helpful. Thanks alot!
  6. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Block sanding?

    I have a 69 sport satellite and I was just curious about some block sanding techniques 4 getting all the round/curved areas? I know to sand in a cross hatching pattern but this seems really difficult on the contours of the body and the places like the upper fenders and 1/4s with those body lines...
  7. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    69 roadrunner rear window

    Or if u have no help seeing as how u are in sunny cali leave it in direct sun light to heat the glue,use some lubricant,pb blaster,oil,wd-40, and a very thin blade exacto knife and go really slow and be careful not to ding the glass it may shatter,put some wood shims in to keep it from sticking...
  8. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Opinion on welder

    I picked up an eastwood for 299.00 no shipping from the ebay eastwood 110/135 my friend who has been a boilermaker 4 8yrs tried it out and said its just as nice as any Miller/hobart/lincoln he has used,has infinite wire/heat as well which I would look 4 not that I am a pro buy any means.
  9. Bens69PlymouthSatellite


    U are right I think I already have it fixed I re-aligned all the original spot welds on the rear tail panel and I think the frame popped up a little not dropped but I am gonna get it all the rest of the way tomorrow,I need about 10 cold ones right now,1 step forward 2 steps back story of my...
  10. Bens69PlymouthSatellite


    trunk floor is gone,lower quarters from below the body line,a little of the inner/outter wheel tubs took the advice of a local body guy who said just start hackin **** out,said as long as my floor and under floor frame is solid which it is,then the ps side drooped along w/ the frame after I...
  11. Bens69PlymouthSatellite


    Not sure because it happend so fast but I am pretty sure my supports on my 69 satellite were 2 short,and when I removed the rear tail panel I believe I saw the quarters and frame slouch a little if so how can I fix this or am I screwed now?
  12. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Spotweld cutter setup?

    The blair are nice they take a little getting used 2 if u are strapped 4 cash I ordered 3 of the cheap ebag ones and they work pretty damn decent as well.
  13. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    b7 vinyl interior paint/dye ???

    Thats what I was kinda worried about all the interior in my car is 2 tone which was apparently from the factory according to everything I found and my interior is perfect so i will leave it the way it is,thanks!
  14. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    b7 vinyl interior paint/dye ???

    O.k one more? Can i shoot B7 over black once i have treated the vinyl?
  15. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    b7 vinyl interior paint/dye ???

    Anyone know a company that makes b7 vinyl dye/interior paint?
  16. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    making my own

    I heard from a friend who fabricates parts to look for old washing machines for sheet metal he said the coating on both sides prevents the metal from ever rusting through and its very strong,gauge of metal varies on washing machines brand!
  17. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Another failed fiberglass hood

    I have heard Glasstek makes really good fitting fiberglass hoods avoid VFN though I hear they are junk.