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  1. CoronetDarter

    Tremec TKX 5-Speed Conversion

    That's exactly why I went with the 4.10s'. The Dart has the 360/380 hp crate engine with a radical cam and with the 3.55's the 5th gear bogged down on the freeway.
  2. YoungGun87

    FOR SALE 1970 RR/Superbird Tail lights

    Got them as you see them. Everything looks original and in good shape. $500 + shipping from 31750 PayPal Friends & Family Thanks FBBO
  3. 1970RT

    The Willomet Charger

    Thanks man. I always appreciate your support. Quoting the philosopher John McClane, "Welcome to the party, pal!" Lots of small steps add up. First, all clamps are out of the car. It's the little things, but it felt like a real change to not have tooling stored in the car any more. Cleaned...
  4. gtx6970

    Question? For others that have lost weight?

    It's a mile from my house to the end of my street and back round trip. My plan is Do that at least once hopefully twice a day..everyday in the beginning. And Move up from there . My problem is ...that 1st step . I have to keep telling myself Simply get up and go do it. Once I'm out. I'm good
  5. CoronetDarter

    Tremec TKX 5-Speed Conversion

    Really? Can you give me his name? Actually, I left out a critical detail in Post #1. Back to the night we were watching TV and Maria practically begged me to get the Tremec, I texted Kern and asked him if I could use his lift for the project. He immediately replied in the affirmative...
  6. Richard Cranium

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    Doesn't look like the damage would be too terrible, but getting it out of there aint gonna be cheap.
  7. Fran Blacker

    TQ fuel leak at fuel supply line

    Either bad gasket or your flare. Get a new gasket and a new flare, must be a double. Single flares crack on end. Check the seat where the flared line goes for damage.
  8. J

    Anyone going to Barrett Jackson New Orleans this weekend?

    I am in Mandeville and unfortunately will not be able to attend. Don’t expect Mecum like experience but as you said, viewing the collections makes for a great day regardless of wether or not you buy. Have fun!!
  9. icetech

    North Gratiot Cruise

    There is no decent thai near me :( used to have a place called spicy thai that was amazing
  10. C

    TQ fuel leak at fuel supply line

    Found fiber washer, will give it a shot. Puzzling that I never had this problem previously given nothing changed. Question is did I screw something up in reassembly?
  11. mr. b

    New member from Pennsylvania

    welcome to FBBO nice looking belvedere
  12. J

    New member from Pennsylvania

    hello everyone new member here just got a 67 plymouth belvedere II
  13. JackR

    Here is how we deal with and what we go through in the aftermath of a Major Hurricane in Florida. Day-1

    The last one I had concern for our Clearwater house. My neighbor there (older Florida native) said you only ride out a hurricane one time.
  14. H

    Real-life imitating humor. Kaepernick.

    poor colon can’t catch a break . after all the sh;t he started they still won’t let him play ……
  15. C

    TQ fuel leak at fuel supply line

    Just FYI, red fiber washer store is Advance auto parts, Dorman kit. Attached picture of connection ,not that you don’t this from experience. My worry, no frustration, disappointment, is that I somehow screwed something up on reassembly. What’s puzzling to me is that it started right up and fast...
  16. B

    North Gratiot Cruise

    I recognize those signs. That should be just south of 23 Mile Rd. Decent Thai food there at Phuket Thai 23.