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  1. prhousejr


    What 2 barrel carb did they use on 318s in 1968. It is in a satellite.
  2. prhousejr

    What size bolts?

    What size are the bolts for the manifolds on a 318? Look to be around 5/16 inch, but I am unsure.... Also, what size is the pitman arm nut? Thanks all.....
  3. prhousejr


    My 1968 satellite has a stock 318 in it. I was reading a story about supercharging stock engines, and getting like 40-70% more horses. I know that low compression engines are the best for supercharging, and the 318 is a low compression engine. Paxton makes an under the hood type supercharger...
  4. prhousejr

    4 speed swap

    Anyone know of any good articles on the web of a auto to 4 speed swap?? Preferably a 68 plymouth b-body. I am wanting to study up on everything involved to see if it is anything I want to tackle. Any help on the topic is welcome. Thanks.
  5. prhousejr

    383 or 440 non six pack

    Trying to decide......What do yall say? Should I find a 383 or a 440? I dont want to do the whole six pack setup. What are pros and cons of these engines? I am looking for drivability as my 68 satellite is my daily driver. I guess I looking for the best stock setup in one of these engines I...
  6. prhousejr

    440 big block question

    I have found a 440 engine, guy says he thinks it is a seventy "something" model. He said it dont have 906 heads. What other differences are there?
  7. prhousejr

    Lifter pecking?

    When I bought my 68 satellite the guy told me it had not been driven but about 2000 miles since 1973 or 74. Seems like everyday a different lifter is pecking. Sometimes they seem to pump up fine after a few seconds. Sometimes It may take a few minutes. This morning I have one that did not...
  8. prhousejr

    1968 Satellite 318 mods.

    I am wanting to see if anyone can help me decide on some low budget, bolt on mostly mods for my bone stock 318. I would love to get around 300 or so horse. I have ordered headers and an x pipe from Holley. I am thinking intake and lose the 2 barrel. maybe a little bigger cam. Dont want to...