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  1. PurpleBeeper

    Dream car giveaway

    Gosh damn, I love the 71 Super Bees
  2. PurpleBeeper

    1971 Superbee Dash Emblem

    My 2-cents? Take the dash piece out and paint it by hand. Try some Testors mold del paint or a closer color match if you can find it. Take your time
  3. PurpleBeeper

    1971 Plymouth satellite

    windshield - www.car-part.com some as cheap as $65.
  4. PurpleBeeper

    Converter weights 440+6

    That makes sense if all 70-71 440 4-speed cars are big rod motors (likely). I believe the big rods were in six pack and 4bbl motors 70-73. They definitely used a different harmonic balancer and flywheel. The diagram show is from an old direct connection book which showed how to take a neutral...
  5. PurpleBeeper

    Vacuum Advance Distributor for '73 Charger 318

    Short answer - any '72-'75 small block electronic ignition distributor (double check those years). Related to the other discussion...weren't the lean burn distributors completely locked out mechanical advance and not vacuum advance either? Just the lean burn computer doing it all ??? (I'm not sure)
  6. PurpleBeeper

    72 Charger Topper - Opinion

    Dang that's nice. I'd probably ruin it hopping it up, but I'd be tempted to leave it just like that. A 318 will run forever. Does it have an 8-3/4" or 8-1/4" (?) rear end?
  7. PurpleBeeper

    rarest of the rare '73 Charger Convertible

    Wow, that's crazy. I've seen a couple cars over the years where someone made a convertible model that didn't exist from the factory. It sure looks like one of those. I would LOVE to see what it looks like with the top down!
  8. PurpleBeeper

    Will a '76 Charger roof fit cleanly on a '74 Charger?

    I think you are WAY better off finding the right repair panel. A roof isn't a part that most people need, so you should be able to find one
  9. PurpleBeeper

    What number oil pan needed for a 73 440

    However, if it fits with the 400 in there, it will fit exactly the same with a 440 in there.
  10. PurpleBeeper

    Trunk Lid Light

    I'd say that's a little high, but not an insane price
  11. PurpleBeeper

    K Frame Splash Guard Orientation 71-72 Body

    At least on a '70, the side with the holes goes "up" so you can attach them to the frame. The "skinny point" of the triangle goes forward & the wider section goes towards the rear. Once installed, the flat side with no holes will be against the frame & "fan out" to the wider section towards...
  12. PurpleBeeper

    Borla mufflers

    Stock-style Walker mufflers? All of the performance mufflers I've used have a highway drone....except cherry bombs which are just loud all the time.
  13. PurpleBeeper

    71 charger Power steering gear box

    I'm no expert, but I thought all the boxes were the same ?????
  14. PurpleBeeper

    Condenser on Coil??

    I believe it attaches to the positive side of the coil (check wiring diagram) and is used to reduce radio signal interference
  15. PurpleBeeper

    Length of dipstick

    Yep, I had the same question when putting on an aftermarket oil pan. These guys above are right. Just find a stick that fits & is long enough (cut shorter if needed). Change the oil, let all the oil settle down into the oil pan (maybe overnight), pull out the stick and mark it with a...
  16. PurpleBeeper

    HC CO NO2

    That is some sort of emission test sticker. HC = hydrocarbons (un-burned fuel), CO = carbon monoxide & NO2 = is a weird way of saying "oxides of nitrogen"
  17. PurpleBeeper

    swapping out a 8 1/4 to a 8 3/4 rear end

    So....if you're working on a 73 Charger, then look for a 8-3/4" from a 73-74 b-body, and yes, you will need a different drive shaft for a bolt-in swap. There are "big" & "little" u-joints (2 sizes), so be aware of that.
  18. PurpleBeeper

    Headers for a 1973 Roadrunner 318

    Yeah, I had good luck with Heddman on my old 73 Charger. The installation isn't easy, but it's not that tough if you loosen one engine mount at a time and lean the engine over. Also, you can use a factory-style mini starter (non needed, but cheap enough at a part store) and I'd recommend just...
  19. PurpleBeeper

    Rusty k-frame questions for 74 charger

    I suggest getting a different k-member. If the engine is out, they're not all that tough to install.
  20. PurpleBeeper

    Help Needed....1973 Sunroof Road Runner

    Some pictures and a lot more specific information will allow us to help you.