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    Bad ignition switch or relay???

    1964 Dodge Polara. Turn the key and 90% of the time it cranks right over. But 10% of the time turn the key and no crank. Can here a light click coming from somewhere (relay???). All battery and starter cables clean, tight and good. Sometimes if I hold the key to start it will start cranking...
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    Gauge Circuit Board/Gauge Issues

    1964 Dodge Polara 500. I pulled my gauge cluster as the temp gauge was not working. Turns out there was corrosion on one of the poles. I ordered a new temp gauge and decided to update the gauge circuit board, voltage limiter, the plug/twist light bulb sockets and the bulbs. Problem....Fire...
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    Timing 426 Max Wedge

    I have recently purchased a 64 Polara with a 426 Max Wedge. I am assuming it is stock from all indicators. My issue is that at hard throttle there is a small pinging/knocking. I'm running 105 octane and have my timing at around 10 advanced at idle and 30-31 total advance. I've tried...