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  1. lxmodguy

    SOLD 62-65 alterktion w wilwood discs

    Sale is pending on this. I am getting a full chassis for the car.
  2. lxmodguy

    SOLD 62-65 alterktion w wilwood discs

    No they are the normal ultra light. Not drag race
  3. lxmodguy

    SOLD 62-65 alterktion w wilwood discs

    Brand new, never installed Alterktion front suspension with wildwood disc brakes. 300# Springs appropriate for a big block car. Includes sway bar and all installation hardware. On a pallet ready to ship from Celina Texas (North of Dallas). Over $6300 new and I think they are a couple months...
  4. lxmodguy

    WTB 65 satellite drivers quarter

    Looking for a drivers quarter. Below the body line would be fine. Located in Texas.
  5. lxmodguy

    Tuning a 5.7 Hemi with a Carb HELP ***

    The great thing about the internet is you can get tons of free advice and it is a great value for your money. All kidding aside, you don't fuel and time gen3 motors the same as old small blocks. Lots of interesting advice in here. Those early truck Hemi's didn't make much power. That said...
  6. lxmodguy

    SOLD 63 Belvedere fresh paint clean title in tx

    Hey everyone, I have a 63 Belvedere that is freshly painted white clear and base coat. Brand new freak ride coil over 4 link rear suspension. Car is extremely clean, primer inside and underneath. Seats and door panels are fresh upholstery. I have extra fenders, extra grilles, an extra dash...
  7. lxmodguy

    All weather stripping for a 63 Belvedere

    Is there anyone out there who makes a kit? Seems like 63 may just be a harder one to find.
  8. lxmodguy

    SOLD 1965 Belvedere

    Where the car located? Pics of the sides of the car out in the light?
  9. lxmodguy

    SOLD 6.4 Hemi long block

    6.1 stuff bolts right up
  10. lxmodguy

    SOLD 6.4 Hemi long block

    $3500 firm. Who needs it?
  11. lxmodguy

    SOLD 6.4 Hemi long block

    I know for a fact it has 11k miles. It was pulled running. An mds lifter collapsed. There was no metal anywhere just a lifter issue. A long block usually doesn’t include anything but what’s pictured.
  12. lxmodguy

    SOLD 6.4 Hemi long block

    I have all the new parts to get rid of the MDS. Just haven’t pulled those solenoids yet.
  13. lxmodguy

    SOLD 6.4 Hemi long block

    I have a nice 2019 challenger long block(BGE block). It has 11k verified miles on it. I have new cometic head gaskets, non-mds lifters, a new stock 6 speed cam (non-mds). Motor comes with a Holley mid sump pan which fits B/E bodies. Does not include intake manifold or exhaust manifolds...
  14. lxmodguy

    Project update; Control Freaks/Strange 60 4-link Installation

    I use their kits in all my stuff. Great kits, will ride fantastic. You should really enjoy the car when you are done
  15. lxmodguy

    440 How would you build for 700hp

    Guys make plenty of power with hydraulic rollers. Its like the carb vs efi discussion.