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    Looking for a car

    Yup Clowns every where.
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    Looking for a car

    Thanks man. We have a white and a blue. I think you know where we're going with this. Thanks for saving that one though. Maybe, show us!
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    Looking for a car

    Looking for a 1973 Charger, Red, Sunroof car to display at MCACN this year. Let me know. Thanks, Mark
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    Woodward Dream Cruise

    Dig this! Pontiac. Cops were hands off if you went from a dead dig, and no 2nd. Well, sorry. Server won't let me load a 25 second video. All I can say is we were with Tom Bailys' outfit,( Sick) nothing but mushroom clouds all day.
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    Time for a show lets see the 71-74's

    Well- Here is one that will be for sale shortly. This is not a ad. All matching. Every scrap of paper from broadcast to me. Just finishing making it beautiful. Car is awesome! And I don't use that term often.
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    Carburetor restoration

    Sorry. No pics of a 6 pack. He has done a few thermoquads for me, but did my buddy's 6 pack on his all matching bee. Claims the thing is crazy responsive. And, won at MCACN with it. Here's the latest tq he did for my rallye. Also gold at MCACN.
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    Nationals. Hebron (Columbus) Ohio 8/11-8-13-2023.

    Sorry folks- fat assed fingers. 3 x white 73 sunroof Charger. Swing by, I will buy you a beer!
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    Nationals. Hebron (Columbus) Ohio 8/11-8-13-2023.

    Yup! Go every year. Good or bad. Last year eas almost "normal". Lots of action! I will be bringing CrackeCracker
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    Carburetor restoration

    I would highly recommend Dave at Woodruff- he is one of the sponsors here. Timely, priced right, and does a beautiful job. Had a few restored by them.
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    Welcome wagon for wagons

    Oh, yes I know it's not a b body. Just thought people would dig it.
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    Welcome wagon for wagons

    Nope. Your not the lone weirdo! Welcome! Getting this one ready with new brakes- 17's and 18's on Rambler wheels. Will show pics sometime this month. Check out FCBO also.
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    Attack of the Chargers!

    My place on Friday night! Red R/T original paint 4 speed! My buddy just took delivery of the Blue V code R/T the day before. Was featured in the movie Vampire in Brooklyn. Documented Mr. Norms car! Awesome!
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    What did you get today.

    Well, not to hijack, but for the blip of time, and some of us are in Australia- it's tomorrow already! Here's what I fortunately am getting.
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    SOLD 1972 Dodge Charger 400 Auto w Hideaways!

    Thank you sir! Still nothing with that either. But- it led to another lead that is simply awesome. If everything goes, I will share the experience, and it is special. Thanks again!
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    SOLD 1972 Dodge Charger 400 Auto w Hideaways!

    I want to buy this car. Please pm, or at least respond. Thanks, Mark
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    Sitting on a park bench

    It was Bungle in the Jungle my friend!
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    FOUND 72 - 73 windsheild wiper knob

    Charlie- beautiful work! '- looks better than nos. ( by the way , sold for $90.00) I appreciate the response, but have struck a deal for another. Thank you sir.