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  1. prhousejr

    Wheel Size for 70 B Body

    what backspace on the 15 x 8's?
  2. prhousejr

    2in drop spindles?

    Get other opinions to make sure they wont work, i am not sure. Get in touch with there tech guys they would now fo-sure.
  3. prhousejr

    2in drop spindles?

    My gut tells me they will not work. I have been wrong before. I would get the parts for your year. As far as changing, its not that big of deal. It all depends on how good you are on the wrenches. Dont be afraid to try, but dont be afraid to get help either. Part of the fun is doing what...
  4. prhousejr

    I had a bad feeling about it!

    I have no experience in frame work, but if you couldn't notice it looking or driving maybe it is not that bad like 69 said.... Best of luck.
  5. prhousejr

    Which line loc(k) is the best?

    They are all basically the same, both in use and installation. Really just depends on what Kind of money you are willing to spend. Summit has a pretty good one they sale under their name less money, and does the same job.
  6. prhousejr

    steering box rebuild

    what kind of car is it by the way? I dont see what you are refering to as two large castle nuts.
  7. prhousejr

    steering box rebuild

    Just looked. There is a really good tutorial, on this cd. You can get them on ebay for about 25 bucks. I highly recomend it. I am trying to figure out how to pull the steering pages for you. I thought I might be able to post them on here as attachments. I am no computer guru. I will keep...
  8. prhousejr

    steering box rebuild

    I have the service manual for my 68 on cd for my computer, I will look to see if there is any answers in there.