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  1. flyingfarley

    removing painted graphics?

    If it is painted with sign paint over the clear coat the easiest way i have found is Easy Off" oven cleaner...spray it on wait a minute or so...wipe it off...repeat untill the lettering is all off...a sign painter showed me that trick. (try the easy off on a inconspicous spot ist just to be...
  2. flyingfarley

    Evercoat tiger hair

    I use it alot on rusty hard to replace small spots...its quite waterproof and seems to last on a driver. It is hard to sand so i usually cover it with a good quality Bondo and and never have had any problems. Its not a cure-all for panels that should be replaced...welding in new panels is...
  3. flyingfarley


    Had two bumpers for my 61 Plymouth done about 5 years ago by Keystone In Minn...the quality was outstanding...a little slow to get done but they told me that upfront...I was very satisfied
  4. flyingfarley

    cold paint

    Todays paints dry chemically...not by evaporation as much as they used to. I wouldn't be afraid to get it cold the next day..thats what happens in the real world of paint and body repair. after 24 hours it should be ready for whatever weather you subject it to.