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  1. flyingfarley

    WTB flywheel for a 440 cast crank

    Quick Time sells a balance plate that bolts between the back of the crank and the neutral balance flywheel...part number RM531...I have used them several times...worked OK. Mark
  2. flyingfarley

    WTB 64 dodge two door sedan side glass

    Check with Gary Ball...I think he has a supplier for aftermarket glass if that is OK...
  3. flyingfarley

    SOLD 62-65 B body V8 K-Frame

    I have one here in Florida!!!!!!!!! At least the weather is great!!!
  4. flyingfarley

    WTB Looking for a 64-65 b body clutch/brake pedal assy

    I am looking for a 64-65 B-body clutch/brake pedal assembly for my 1965 Coronet. I am replacing my leaky 727 trans with a four speed...sick of cleaning up the ATF on the garage floor....and it will be more fun to drive. I have everything but the pedals accumulated. Thanks Mark
  5. flyingfarley


    I bought a P-ayr 318 block W/heads and trans at a swap meet from some dude that was trying to sell it as a small block chevy and th350 trans..when I showed him it was for a small block mopar...he was pissed and sold me the whole works for 25.00...one of my better scores for sure
  6. flyingfarley

    looking for a company that still builds 19-spline converters for a 727

    I just ordered a stall converter from tflite patty....he sells them on ebay, or you can contact him and buy from him..very helpful and very knowledgable. He has them in stock.....
  7. flyingfarley

    WTB 727 19 spline stall converter

    WTB I am looking for a stall converter for an old 1962 pushbutton 19 spline 727 trans. Probably something in the 2500-3000 range. Anybody have anything available? Does anyone still sell new ones reasonable? Thanks