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  1. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Wish me luck, surgery Aug 15

    Hope U get better soon!
  2. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    General Lee HATER omg WFT!!!

    I agree. I am not a fan of the dukes series and not a fan of general lee clones at all I've seen people take perfectly good 69 charger rt cars and clone them and it's kinda gettin' old. The charger is legendary enough w/o being ugly hugger orange and slapped w' stars and bars.
  3. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Don't buy cars from these peolpe..

    Wow Would be totally pissed as well! To many scammer ******** out there.
  4. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Im in so. Cal!!!!

    I will maybe look for another car out here 1st then,but still need to sell the satellite a.s.a.p. Just $$$ problems but thanx for the tip Rev! Where U at in So. Cal?
  5. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Im in so. Cal!!!!

    Well I think I am gonna move to So. Cal. for sure,but am thinking I have to sell the satellite,I just don't really wanna drag it across country and could use the $$$. I will buy something new when I get to Cali. Kinda thinkin' a small block Cuda' or challenger.
  6. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Im in so. Cal!!!!

    I think I landed a job out here!!!! Actually a few!! Life is tooooo easy in So. Cal!!! Im a musician,and may have the baddest gig ever playing next to somebody very famous!!! I will keep u all posted on more but 4 now im gonna leave it at that!! I will post pics,but just to warn U I will be a...
  7. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Im in so. Cal!!!!

    Hey been havin' so much fun here in paradise! This place is amazing & I really think Im gonna live here really soon! Will post pics. for u all soon! This is the realest place i've ever been! 4 all u So. Cal. natives out there U guys have it good in so. cal! Buy the way we trucked it by car all...
  8. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Moparstuart hospitized

    Sorry to hear that Stuart! Just saw this thread so a little late, but hope everything is going better and you are feeling better! Get well soon!
  9. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Watched American Graffiti again.....for the 200th time

    Im Not old enough to have been alive when most these movies came out but still love the Hell out of all the classic car films,Vanishing point the original, and Dirty Mary crazy Larry,gotta be my 2 favorites also love American Graffitti,Christine,Both the Gone in 60 sec.,The 7 Ups,Bullitt of...
  10. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    New Muscle Car?

    Must have missed the 6 speed part! The programmers do have much more to offer besides that! Even a fuel economy mode! Anyway glad to see you like the new ride!! And I dont think they made many furious fuschia 6 speed R/T's we have 1 here on a car lot and last I thought I heard was only 250-400...
  11. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    New Muscle Car?

    Hell yeah! Love the new Chally Donny! Congrats! I would drive the hell out of panther pink and moulin rouge! The Hell w/ what people say about the pink,bet they are just jealous because Mopar guys are the only guys that can pull off a pink ride! Get a pink corvette and I bet U never live it down...
  12. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Be Honest"Who Watches American Idol"?

    Big *** nope 4 me as well, not to take away from any talent but there's just waaayyy 2 much great music out there 4 me to pay that much attention.
  13. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Jim's Auto Parts Experience

    I think R/T specialties and also Megaparts might sell new hinges for $40-$60 and I have heard good things about them. Sorry about Jims that place does blow! We should report these places to the BBB for sure!!
  14. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    RIP Tem Green (69 Runner)

    Damn. I will also miss his knowledge,wit, and humor. Just talked to him a couple weeks ago on here,and now he's gone. No words to explain it. R.I.P. Tem.
  15. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Big shot ebayer out there

    Gettin mine from 521 restoration when I am ready. Jeff is a great guy,great prices,best customer service i have literally ever had,and he has no prob inspecting parts for his customers.And he's a fellow mopar nut! Has a few himself that he is restoring so he knows his **** about amd and most...
  16. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Dangerous question.....lol

    Other than chrome bumpers and a stock grill I cant see changing anything,paint the trunk and engine compartment and call it a day.
  17. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Good Guy Alert

    Meep is the man Happy B-day!! Meep has helped me out alot as well,bucket of knowledge,and a cool dude.
  18. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    sure grip price??

    Any Idea? What this would be worth pretty much perfect,I just wanna buy a spool.And if anybody needs this on here let me know.
  19. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    sure grip price??

    Just curious what is a good price 2 pay 4 just a sure grip posi,no pig,no axles no housings,just the sure grip,thinking about selling mine to buy a spool.
  20. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    My brother just bought a 70 Buick GSX and....

    I think even though he may have us on some speed I think u could argue build quality to your favor,like why do all gm's and fords leave parts all over the track every time they run,and yeah our cars break as well but not like the other 2,and an A12 shootout or Hemi cuda shootout is a great idea...