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  1. flyingfarley

    That's a whole lotta ugly for 3.8 million

    Makes a 61 Plymouth look pretty .......
  2. flyingfarley

    Whatever happened to the local speedshops ?

    Pretty hard to compete with the big chain store operations. Now throw in Amazon and it is impossible to compete. I needed two serpentine belts this week.....the local auto parts stores wanted over 100 bucks for the pair....checked Amazon....58.00 delivered for the pair.....same name...
  3. flyingfarley

    Daytona Beach!!!!

    You can drive on the beach, and park for some sunshine on lots of the beaches in the daytona area....you have to pay...but the beaches are crowded on event weekends
  4. flyingfarley

    At Our local cruise in.....

    If I remember right the remounted relay bracket was only on stick shift cars, not automatics.
  5. flyingfarley

    New invention to stop high speed pursuits

    I agree something that kills the computer / electronics in the vehicle seems like the way to go since every vehicle made for a generation has electronic ignition/computer controls...doesn't seem to hard to zap the vehicle ignition system some way while following it
  6. flyingfarley

    Anybody have a subscription to Mopar Muscle?

    I was subscribed to three of the discontinued magazines.....emailed them and had all the discontinued subscriptions added to my present Hot Rod Magazine subscription...I now have a subscription to Hot Rod for longer than i will probably live!!!
  7. flyingfarley

    Body in White Cars

    I think they started in 1965 when the altered wheelbase cars were being built....they started I believe as a body in white shell, and a complete A990 car to be stripped and parts/engine/ trans/ etc installed on the body in white shell after it was acid dipped in many cases.
  8. flyingfarley

    Does the forum know the average age of the members here?

    70 here.....but I keep building cars to keep myself young....in the shop everyday!!!
  9. flyingfarley

    Can you get 100 octane or higher from the pump in your town?

    Exactly what i do....local airport has 100 octane low lead avation fuel for $4.30/ gal last time i stocked up....just insert credit card and fill your gas cans....I buy 20-30 gallons at a time and store it in a 55 gallon drum...lasts a long time when sealed up...works great in my street driven...
  10. flyingfarley

    NASCAR CEO Brian France arrested for DWI and drug possession

    Glad NY did arrest him....no one in Daytona has ever had the balls to arrest him....they just look the other way!!!
  11. flyingfarley

    MO clampdown

    I had a friend in Wisconsin that went to sign up for Social Security......seemed like he forgot to pay child support for his whole divorced life!!!! Owed like 40 grand in back support....is being deducted from his social security check....guess who is still working now!!! Deadbead dads beware!!!
  12. flyingfarley

    NHRA Pro Stocks

    and now this year the motor brand doesn't have to match the car brand......who would want to cheer for a chevy powered ford or mopar........I just fast forward thru pro stock now!!! They should be replaced by pro-mod...at least that class is interesting!
  13. flyingfarley

    36 ford data plate vin# questions

    I had the same problem with my 38 Ford sedan.....I bought a universal VIN tag from Honest Charlie's booth at a swap meet, had the original VIN engraved in it...riveted to the frame and Florida was happy with that. Every state is different....don't ask the DMV what to do...ask some people at a...
  14. flyingfarley

    Too much Barrett Jackson today....

    Thanks god for my DVR....makes a four hou show into less an hour show after fast forwarding thru the four C's (commercials, corvettes, chevelles, camaros...)
  15. flyingfarley

    Drag Racing in the Winter, Why Not!

    I raced there back in the late 60's early 70's....a 62 Dodge Wagon 383 tunnel ram car....and a 66 Coronet 440 4 speed (ex hemi car). was lots of fun and made the damn winter go a lot faster...
  16. flyingfarley

    Graveyard cars once again.....

    At least its a MOPAR oriented show.....Mark is an idiot...but a very Mopar educated one. I could do without the stupid antics, but the Mopar restoration aspect is great. Looks like they do very nice work.
  17. flyingfarley

    Antique Registration in Florida

    I have a few florida antique plates....just go to your florida DMV office...they have the plate in stock there. I know of no restrictions or mileage limitations. They are a small bit cheaper than regular plates. If you have an out of state title it will have to be vin checked by the DMV...
  18. flyingfarley

    Anybody here own a '05-'07 Dodge magnum?

    I agree....had one with the 3.5 V6...no problems...seems to be a great motor..stay away from the smaller V6's...lots of oil related problems. 3 .5 or hemi are great!
  19. flyingfarley

    Is there a difference in 383 before and after 1968?

    I seem to remember that the lifter end of the pushrods were different, and the lifters were made different where the pushrod went in.. ...should be able to just use later lifters and pushrods and be fine.
  20. flyingfarley

    First year for PENTASTAR?

    I always thought the RF fender pentastar started sometime during 1963 production....but i may be mistaken.