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  1. khryslerkid

    going to do the 62

    Shell Beige
  2. khryslerkid

    Don't know where I'm going

    Sounds like a perfect plan :thumbsup: :elmer:
  3. khryslerkid

    Anyone do a Lincoln Locker or better yet, a Miller Locker?

    What rear was being used in '95 ? I'm drawing a blank. I have the 9.25 in my 03 Rebuilt it the other year. Different animal for sure.
  4. khryslerkid

    going to do the 62

    I'll second that :thumbsup:
  5. khryslerkid

    Are the 4 door roof heights higher?

    Are the 4 door roof heights higher? Only on the Cudas :lol:
  6. khryslerkid

    Looking at a Colt Challenger .22LR I kinda like it.

    The Browning was a favorite among shooters also $$$
  7. khryslerkid

    New member from Pennsylvania

    Oh wait, you're already here. Nice Belvedere :thumbsup:
  8. khryslerkid

    Looking at a Colt Challenger .22LR I kinda like it.

    I used to use LR target loads. Much easier to shoot and easier on the piece itself.
  9. khryslerkid

    Looking at a Colt Challenger .22LR I kinda like it.

    Reminds me of the Ruger Mark 2. I did a lot of one handed pistol competition with that piece. Well built, dependable.
  10. khryslerkid

    Unbelievable: Sold car now he want's his money back

    "Hey, what happened to the 426 Hemi that was in it?! :rolleyes:
  11. khryslerkid

    Window Whiskers/Felt Before or after Window Installation?

    There's a down stop on the window regulator. Looks similar to this one. You loosen the nut and turn the screw one way or another. It's an eccentric (oval) shape that allows for a lower or higher adjustment. Your FSM should have the details for your year and model.
  12. khryslerkid

    Name a car your parents owned you thought was goofy but now is cool.

    Dad fixed up a '54 Ford for Mom back in the early 60s. Later on she bought the '63 Fairlane Then she bought the '67 Skylark Last car she had was the '62 VW Dad mostly drove company vehicles working as a claims adjuster. He did have a '63 Cadillac that I always volunteered to wash. I...
  13. khryslerkid

    Deal Of The Century!!

    Just send them the $2,000 down payment :rolleyes:
  14. khryslerkid

    A bit of a personal milestone (yet another short Ed story)

    "Fred you remembered!"
  15. khryslerkid

    Hemi Helper

    Welcome from Pennsylvania Hemi Helper... is that like Hamburger Helper?
  16. khryslerkid

    starting a 440 out of the car

    Go for it! Take a video :)
  17. khryslerkid

    Unbelievable: Sold car now he want's his money back

    I had a guy come down from NY to MD to buy a T-Bird I had for sale. He liked the car, looked at the title and noticed the previous owner didn't include their middle initial when signing the title. Oh he went nuts. Said no way would NY accept this title. It was Saturday and I did some fast...
  18. khryslerkid

    Do you like to drive late at night? How about in the rain?

    What @QuickBpBp said. Rain at night really glares on a slick road with no markings. Especially with the newer vehicles with the bright halogen lights coming at you. I often think about a pair of sunglasses with one lens popped out. Just close one eye when it gets too bright. A good tip if you...
  19. khryslerkid

    Steve Magnante has been MIA, here is why.

    Latest update...