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    20 PSI oil pressure

    Well all I know is the pan holds 6qts, (+ 1 in the filter) it is the original pan, the dip stick shows full with 6qts in the pan and 1 in the filter. With 6qts in the pan it is full to the bolt rail, I have measured it with the pan off. Hemi, 6 pack and magnum took the same pan in 70 and 71, as...
  2. J

    20 PSI oil pressure

    I thought the HP engines came with a 6qt pan. this is the pan off my 70HP engine. Holds 6qts.
  3. J

    20 PSI oil pressure

    I have fully grooved mains, HV pump, standard relief spring, runs 48psi cold, at any rpm, drops to 35psi hot idle, 5w30. The HV pump is good for maintaining pressure at idle with a thinner oil but if all is OK the standard pump should give the same reading at revs with normal bearing clearances...
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    Oil through pushrod, oil preassure

    Can't tell you what you would loose with oil through pushrods, you would need to do a back to back test to be sure. What I can tell you is I have a very similar build to yours but on a stock stroke 440. 10.2:1, eddy RPM's, 1.5 PRW stainless rockers, xe275hl, K1 H beams and SRP's at zero deck. I...