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  1. J

    Mancini rockers

    What is the ideal number of threads showing on the adjuster for the mancini 1.6 rocker arms, 440. Need to order some pushrods, thanks.
  2. J

    Port the RPM's or TF240

    I have spoken to a shop in regard to porting my RPM's but I didn't really like the vague response I got to flow numbers and for the price I could sell the eddy's and buy the TF240 heads for not a lot more. I have hacked on a few heads myself before but I don't want to mess these up. I was...
  3. J

    Cam nitride

    Can you tell if a cam has had the nitride treatment by looking at it. My cam card says it has been done but there was some confusion from Summit Racing where I ordered it as to weather it had been done or not. I wasn't charged for the service.