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  1. toolmanmike

    What was the Best Era?

    Good for us. Our parents thought the 50's were the best. The 30's and 40's were hot and cold depending on whether it was war time or not.
  2. toolmanmike

    New speedo cable. Lube needed? New question, SEE POST 14.

    I worked at a GM dealer for a decade and a half. Their preferred speedo cable lube was white lithium. I used powdered graphite but the core was new and dry.
  3. toolmanmike

    barring ware with 2 different oil

    I used to correct them but geez, who has time.
  4. toolmanmike

    barring ware with 2 different oil

    That and Pennzoil. Too much candle wax! :rofl:
  5. toolmanmike

    In gear idle dropped

    Your cable slipped in the bracket. Just guessing
  6. toolmanmike

    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    Damn, I just crapped in my spacesuit.
  7. toolmanmike

    Dumbledore won't be down for tea!

    RIP Sir Michael. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/michael-gambon-actor-played-dumbledore-harry-potter-films-dies-82-rcna117801
  8. toolmanmike

    Philadelphia Shoe Stores, Liquor Stores, Electronics Stores Looted By Starving People Desperately Looking For Bread

    Bread, another name for money. The looters are gangs, thugs.
  9. toolmanmike

    1970 voltage regulator?

    Ask @HALIFAXHOPS if he has any.
  10. toolmanmike

    66 window washer reservoir

    From what I saw, 66 B body is it's own part number. The new white ones are too new looking the yellowish ones look like they have some age to them (like they are original to the car) Too bad you can't find a color picture of a original to know what the color was .
  11. toolmanmike

    A bit of a personal milestone (yet another short Ed story)

    Happy Anniversary you two!
  12. toolmanmike

    Hello from NC

    Welcome to FBBO. THat looks like a solid start to a fun car. Console? They come up for sale here. Just keep your eyes open and you may find a sweet deal.
  13. toolmanmike

    Brake light Chrome Trim

    Have you started a wanted thread here on the site? If not, why not?
  14. toolmanmike

    Keeper for the blower wheel

    It would work but it might cause a little balance issue.
  15. toolmanmike

    Optimal Ignition Timing??

    THe timing itself couldn't move. If it appears to move you may have a old worn out harmonic balancer and the outer ring is moving slipping in the rubber ring.
  16. toolmanmike

    Keeper for the blower wheel

    I think it's a metal clamp like a flat band hose clamp (not a worm clamp) THey use those on rubber hoses and should be available at auto parts stores and hardware and fastener stores.
  17. toolmanmike

    Optimal Ignition Timing??

    I like to start out at 10° before and go from there but just remember, advancing the initial timing too far also ads to the total which may get you into starting issues and detonation. Way more is involved in timing than just the initial timing. There's the mechanical with it's curve and the...
  18. toolmanmike

    Optimal Ignition Timing??

    Loaded? As soon as the play is taken up in the gear teeth, the distributor is "loaded' regardless of which direction it turns.
  19. toolmanmike

    OME Max wedge valve cover

    The engines were"almost" fully assembled and then sprayed. SOme models even had the exhaust manifolds installed. The raw cast got sprayed up by the exhaust ports. Here's a picture of my original dual point in my 66 273. They apparently had a cap that they popped over the top to keep the points...
  20. toolmanmike

    Legendary Members

    And of course there's a list under the "Members tab" . Click Members above. If you know a member that has passed, that should be on the list, let Joey Know. He can add it.