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    FOR SALE 10.5" big block bellhousing

    Very nice bellhousing, no cracks or damage. Couple holes have been helicoiled. Ready to use Casting number 2892513. 1970 casting date $550 plus shipping
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    SOLD 440-6 pack air cleaner NIB

    Sorry I missed your message. I sent you a PM with shipping details
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    FOR SALE Reverse light switch

    Yes, tested and working as it should
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    FOR SALE Coronet 500 tail emblem

    Nice shape $30 plus shipping
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    FOR SALE Reverse light switch

    Reverse light switch for automatic shifter mechanism. $50 plus shipping
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    SOLD 440-6 pack air cleaner NIB

    Brand new Mopar Performace 6 pack air cleaner, new in the box, purchased from dealership 15 years ago. Can't get any newer than this. Filter box has not been opened. No marks or dings on anything. $900 plus shipping Will ship anywhere
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    FOR SALE Console wiring harness

    You guys can probably help nail down the exact application but I have a console wiring harness for an auto console with the rear lighter and courtesy light. Also has the forward harness to tie into the dash harness. $200 Located Alberta Canada, ships anywhere on your dime.
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    WTB 67 coronet misc parts needed

    I've found a battery tray, grille emblem, washer jig and radio knobs. The rest I'm still after. Driver quality
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    SOLD Crower billet 426 crank

    If someone were seriously interested I can modify it to suit auto or manual. Lifelong Machinist here.
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    SOLD Crower billet 426 crank

    I have a used 426 billet crank for sale. No damage, 3.75" stroke. Main and rod journals are still stock sizes. Has been sitting a while. Check Crower website for specifics. $2000 located in Alberta, Canada. Will ship anywhere on your dime.
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    SOLD 1968 HEMI k Frame

    What work does it need? Where are you located?
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    WTB 67 coronet misc parts needed

    Looking for the following for a 67 coronet: decent window cranks and interior door handles. Armrest bases that are more chrome than yellow, the chrome trim over the steering column, seat medallions, r/t door emblems, r/t grille emblem, antenna, battery tray and braces, washer fluid jug, radio...
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    SOLD 4 speed console top

    Good condition console top. No pitting, one hole drilled as shown, new vinyl would hide this. Vinyl is in good shape though. No boot. Also small rear piece included. $20 Located Alberta, Canada Will ship anywhere your cost.