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  1. 68 HEMI GTS

    TTI headers, big block - spark plug wire routing - pics

    I use a combo of 90’s and straights. Usually buy a set of each. Not a big fan of **** hooked to the valve covers with a solid cam.
  2. 68 HEMI GTS

    LM2 installation

    Just keep in mind you have to pull the sensors when not using them.
  3. 68 HEMI GTS

    LM2 installation

    I just stick mine in the car when I’m tuning. No need to leave it in permanently. I ran mine through a hole in the floor. Buddy of mine runs his up the rocker and in between the door and body. He just uses tape on the wires. I did consider using a relay and making the lighter key on only...
  4. 68 HEMI GTS

    Spark plug gap

    I’ve played with gaps quite a bit. Never really seen an improvement going bigger than .035 power wise. On motors that create a bunch of cylinder pressure I’ve had to run smaller such as forced induction. My hemi will actually blow the spark out anything over .030 with the 6al and slow right...
  5. 68 HEMI GTS

    Spark plug gap

    I put autolites in my 3v truck. Replaced them plug by plug with MC over a few hundred miles as it lost cylinders. You couldn’t give me that garbage. And I know a lot of guys swear by them, they just haven’t personally proved anything great to me.
  6. 68 HEMI GTS

    Spark plug gap

  7. 68 HEMI GTS

    Spark plug gap

    You could run a 6 with you’re combo. I’m 10.5 and run pump gas. .035 here and a 6.
  8. 68 HEMI GTS

    440 w/headers - a request for pics of YOUR spark plug wire setups!

    I used extreme 9000's. Took 2 sets. 1 straight and 1 90's to make mine. I routed mine so I wouldn't have to mess with them when I lash valves.
  9. 68 HEMI GTS

    Amp gauge...jumping!

    It's shorting if it's jumping to discharge. You'll have to find the problem before it jumps and hangs there. First thing I would check is alt field wires.
  10. 68 HEMI GTS

    Ignition wires with tti headers

    i had to use 2sets, one with angle boots and one with straight boots to get them how i wanted. they were also universal cut to your own length.
  11. 68 HEMI GTS

    Dash Lights and Passenger Turn Signals and Brake Light Work Sometimes

    the dimmer could be causing the dash light issues (the ones in those cars seem to have alot of trouble with age and no body re-pops them. bad grounding, sockets, or wiring could be messing with the other lights. i just had to bypass the dimmer in my RR, i was having trouble with the dash lights...
  12. 68 HEMI GTS

    Firecore 50 Spark Plug Wires Review

    no complaints with the set he made for my hemi, whipped em up at the track and even fitted them to the car. Rick is a great guy to deal with.
  13. 68 HEMI GTS

    Firecore 50 spark plug wires?

    actually the best plug wires i've found for wedges with headers are the accel extreme 9000's. they have a coated boot. i had a set i put on my belvedere over 10 years ago and there still going strong. i use to drive it daily in the summer, my pops has it now so it doesn't see as much use. only...
  14. 68 HEMI GTS

    Firecore 50 spark plug wires?

    i put a set on my Hemi because the moroso's had been on and off so many times the ends were starting to fall apart. nice plug wire, they do seem to be providing a little hotter spark, between those and the blaster HVAC i added a few months before the wires i ended up going to one heat range...
  15. 68 HEMI GTS

    MSD Blaster 2 Coil

    i ran my blaster horizontal on the dart for a few years, worked fine. just upgraded this year to the a hvac.