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    What's your favorite post-1970 Mopar?

    I would choose a 71 Cuda as well
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    I hate packing peanuts

    I install a lot of sewage ejector systems and the packaging peanuts that come with them are water soluble. A 5 gallon bucket full of them will dissolve in a few hours when submerged in water.
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    I like CenterForce clutches
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    WTB 1964 Dodge Sedan Found

    It's in North Carolina.
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    WTB 1964 Dodge Sedan Found

    I have a 1964 Dodge 440 4 door with a 318 poly engine. 100% original and complete. Runs and drives but needs freshening up. Hasn't been driven on highway in several years. It does have a pillar but it is affordable.
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    TV shows you used to love.

    Little House on the Prairie The Andy Griffith show
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    Mopar Show at NC Transportation Museum

    I hadn't heard about that one. It would take me a couple hours to get there. I always try to go to the Mopar show in Farmington , that's always a good one.
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    Heater core to fix

    That was a bad solder joint to begin with. Either the copper tube wasn't cleaned properly or the flux was burned away during soldering.
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    318 rocker arm not moving

    Is the rocker arm in the up or down position?
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    Need Help With An Old Photo Location

    Weekly Inspection Parade US Naval Training Station San Diego CA
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    1968 Sport Satellite

    I've got a factory big block 4 speed 68 Sport Satellite out in the garage. It's waiting it's turn to get worked on. New paint, interior and glass are the biggies.
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    199 coronet paint color

    I can't help you with the numbers, but my '69 Super Bee came from the factory with white exterior and red interior. It needs a complete restoration and it will be white when finished.
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    Best place to get small items chromed?

    Tri city qouted a price to me for some trunk emblems and hood ornaments so I think they will chrome small items.
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    Ground Connection ... but for What?

    Courtesy light ? Does it show continuity to ground ? If not is there 12 volts on it at any time ?
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    65 Belvedere ignition issue. Left me stranded.

    You need to know exactly how many volts at the coil with the switch in the run position. It's starting to sound like a weak coil to me. All you're doing is basically bypassing the ballast resistor and supplying 12 volts to the coil with the wire from the choke.
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    1969 Super Bee quarter patch panels

    If you only need a small portion, I think it would be best to get them from Classic
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    Coil Voltage question

    Was the 5.5 V present before starting, while cranking or while running?