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    Dustless Blasting for Undercoating?

    I have seen videos of people removing rubber from the inside of the car on the floor by dumping dry ice on it, letting it freeze, then it comes off super easy. I'm wondering if it's coming off due to it being cold, if that still wouldn't work. You could take out the seats and carpet, put a...
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    Has anyone put a uscartool lower rad support on a 71 B body

    Ordered one while at Carlisle, and it seems short, almost like it needs another inch or so added into the center to push the corners out. Going in a 71 SSP. If anyones done it some pics are appreciated if you got em or a description of what you did to make it fit would be great.
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    For people that do restos, welding question.

    Do you put anything in between the panels you are welding other than weld through primer. I know some cars have weld through adhesives. Not sure if anything as old as the 60's/70s stuff had anything like that.
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    Who's got the best home brew solution for painting an undercarriage.

    I need to paint some of the under carriage before I weld in frame connectors and torque boxes. What are some of the best solutions for raising a vehicle enough to do so. It's sitting on car tool casters right now, so no driveline components in it. I don't have an engine crane to lift any...
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    Any thoughts on SPI Vs Eastwood Epoxy?

    Just ordered SPI will be here in two days. And will look into the provided dash color info. Thanks Everyone!
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    Any thoughts on SPI Vs Eastwood Epoxy?

    Any pros/cons for either. Also what are people using for dash frame black?
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    Removal of A-pillar drip rail

    On what type of car? On my 71 SSP the driver side came off by taking the screws out and cutting a couple spot welds. The passenger side was held on only with the screws. The replacement A pillar I tired to steal the drip rail off on the driver side (mine was rusty) was a complete nightmare with...
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    Bog (Bondo) and rust worries

    Just remember you can get a digital camera in all kinds of places you can't get your peepers. Also here is a lesson I learned though it may or may not be relevant to your case. Redoing a 71 demon I had rust at the leading edge of the quarter behind the tire on the driver side. On the...
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    72 SSP Quarter to Door Alignment

    They always tend to rot in the rocker underneath the quarter. Is there patch work under the quarter on the rocker that kept it from seating? Is the bottom quarter flange and the rocker flange tight? Got any pics lower? Can't even see the rocker panel. It should be lined up enough with the...
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    I got a 1/2 pint of DBC today, since they were having trouble finding the formula for the Q5 DBU I sprayed back in 1997. How does the DBC compare to the old DBU. The guy only gave me the reducer. I see in the tech sheet there is an optional hardener. What are the pros and cons of using just...
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    Trunk tension bar removal, how?

    Have my 71 SSP and am trying to remove the bars. I feel like I'm man handling them and I'm gonna bend the pieces they go into. Am I being over protective or is there a simple way I'm missing?
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    Opinions on undercoating

    I already started doing that on my car, I see no benefit to them at all if you aren't going the technical rest route.
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    Opinions on undercoating

    I do not like undercoating. Many times I have seen a car with undercoating and it looks fine, then you see a pin hole in it and scratch at it and a just falls off with rust. Problem is you get a chip in it then moisture gets under the paint, if it gets under the paint it spreads along under...
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    Anyone have pics of a new Tekna ProLite Paint Gun #703566 in the box.

    Okay I just got my second delivery and its a purple gun with no name, wrong size cup and all parts are missing. So much for Amazon "warehouse deals" I guess to get the deal you buy a new gun and send your old one back in the box........
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    Anyone have pics of a new Tekna ProLite Paint Gun #703566 in the box.

    Long story short I ordered a gun from a retailer online that was supposed to be a return but in perfect shape. Got it and someone had placed a NEIKO pneumatic $50 gun where the $400 gun should have been. I've tried and I can't find any pictures of the 703566 contents for comparison.
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    AMD panels... not as good as I've been made to believe

    I can tell you that I have one outer wheel house for my 71 sat that looks like a pleated skirt, or coffee filter where its supposed to meet the inner, I also have an inner where the body line was stamped it sheared through a few inches so it will require welding. The quarters are pretty good...
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    AMD quarter skin vs full quarter.

    I'll third 521. Bought my 1/4s wheel houses, extensions, dutchman and other parts from them. Service is excellent and prices are hard to beat.
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    Paint guns

    I emailed SPI today thinking I'd have to wait till monday for a reply and got an answer in like 10 minutes. There is a jobber close to me who can deliver. I think I'll just shoot my car in epoxy before it gets too cold. Do some welding and panel replacement over the winter. Come sumer will I...
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    Paint guns

    Was looking into the SPI paint FAQ. They don't mix basecoat colors? Makes it kind of scary mixing up systems doesn't it?
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    Paint guns

    Paying someone to paint it just isn't an option. I just can't do it. I'd rather do it myself and it not be perfect then pay some one else and it be perfect. I used to paint some, I worked for two body shops. One sprayed ppg the other dupont, this was back around 94-98. I have a lot of panels...