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  1. Beekeeper

    Hemi fitment issues.

    Make sure it’s level side to side if the left side is high or the right side is low it will cause your exact problem
  2. Beekeeper

    Am I missing chrome trim where the headliner meets the back glass? (Pics)

    plastic trim is missing https://rpui.com/-Interior-1968-70-Dodge-Charger-6-Piece-Interior-Rear-Window-Trim-Set-MP5128
  3. Beekeeper

    Length of accelerator cable 1968 street hemi

    I saved it from Mancini’s website about a year or so ago.
  4. Beekeeper

    Speedo gear not engaging....it seems...

    There’s a slip joint in the shaft in the speedometer head it’s probably gummed up and needs some servicing
  5. Beekeeper

    FOUND Fender Tag Screws

    Just buy a dozen of these then you will have some of them as well https://521restorations.com/Mopar-fendertag-screws-pair-/ They are simply zinc plated #6-18 x .370 phillips pan head screws nothing special one would be body color and the other unpainted or if a lynch road plant built car both...
  6. Beekeeper

    the color expert

    Your not doing it right Jerry :lol:
  7. Beekeeper

    WTB Base for hemi air grabber air cleaner

    Good luck on your hunt the originals are pricey
  8. Beekeeper

    WTB Base for hemi air grabber air cleaner

  9. Beekeeper

    New transmission mount, what is the T-slot for?

    Here’s A NOS mopar one for reference https://www.hiltopautoparts.com/product/nos-mopar-transmission-mount-most-1966-70-plymouth-dodge-chrysler-models/
  10. Beekeeper

    SOLD 4spd conversion parts $250

    The price is in the title :lol:
  11. Beekeeper

    Why I Do Business With Brewer's Performance

    Ed if I had a lift you would be welcome to all the air time you need my friend. Unfortunately I don’t have one yet but hope to someday
  12. Beekeeper

    Mopar 18 spline aluminum case 4 speed.

    without seeing the internals I would consider it a core.
  13. Beekeeper

    Are these headlight bezels chrome?

    You can send yours out to vacuum orna- metal and have them plated then paint the rest of the bezel black. https://vacuumorna-metal.com/
  14. Beekeeper

    Are these headlight bezels chrome?

    I’m not well versed in the 71 and up models but they look plated in the pic.
  15. Beekeeper

    Throttle Cable Grommet

    Here’s one https://www.ebay.com/itm/325359405437
  16. Beekeeper

    Another closure. Atco sets into the sunset.

    https://www.dragzine.com/news/sold-atco-raceway-announces-change-in-ownership/ looks like the original owner sold it in 2012
  17. Beekeeper

    Is there a common cause for no rear brakes and brake light on?

    Follow this advice you’re not gonna be happy with the Chinese ones. I would go in depths and post pics and all but just trust us. Use these guys for your rebuild kit Mopar Parts | Muscle Car Research LLC
  18. Beekeeper

    No lights

    check your your dimmer switch and wiring for sure as well as your headlight switch. I’ve seen more than one dimmer switch partially melted at the base where the harness attaches. That’s caused by high resistance connections in the circuit.