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  1. PurpleBeeper

    WTB Six pack base

    Carburetor base or air cleaner base?
  2. PurpleBeeper

    WTB Need some OEM seat belts for my '62 Savoy & '63 Belevedere

    Dumb question.... weren't seat belts introduced in 1965?
  3. PurpleBeeper

    WTB ‘68-‘69 1/2 Dana 60 Left/Drivers Side 23 Spline Axle Shaft

    OK, dumb question.... isn't that axle the same as a common 8-3/4" axle?
  4. PurpleBeeper

    WTB looking for rear light for road runner

    Nous avions besoin de savoir guache, droit, ou les blancs de "reverse"
  5. PurpleBeeper

    WTB 1970 440 six pack center carb float bowl w/ vent 34R4 649 B Wanted...

    In case you can't find one, you can modify a "regular" Holley front V-bowl to work....just drill some holes. You might try looking at Chicago Carburetor too.
  6. PurpleBeeper

    WTB Air Grabber Trim Panel

    If you look on the back of your non-air grabber dash piece, you will see a pattern on the back that shows you where to cut the holes to install the air grabber switch
  7. PurpleBeeper

    WTB 70 Coronet Wagon Tailgate Window Switch

    Dude, maybe devinism has a good repair trick, but you are in luck (kinda). That switch is EXACTLY THE SAME as a B-body convertible top switch (likely other bodies too). If you turn your "window" (or whatever it says) switch around, it says "top" on the back side. Look for a convertible top...
  8. PurpleBeeper

    WTB 1970 roadrunner air grabber air box

    Yes. I put one on my car when my original cracked. It's slightly thinner and made of a more flexible plastic, but the fit is perfect & works just fine
  9. PurpleBeeper

    WTB 1970 roadrunner air grabber air box

    fyi - the reproduction ones are pretty good
  10. PurpleBeeper

    WTB Grease caps

    I haven't heard of this problem, but couldn't you just enlarge the O.D. of the cap a little? Maybe drive a flat head screwdriver cross-wise along the edge to "fatten it up" a bit? You'll never, ever see it.
  11. PurpleBeeper

    WTB 1969 convertible roadrunner vent window

    try contacting pony power (or pnypower) on this site. I'm not sure...but they "might" be the same as a 66/67 hardtop (???) I know the 68-70 convertible windshield is the same as a 66-67 hardtop, so maybe the vent windows are the same???
  12. PurpleBeeper

    WTB 68-70 (+ other?) Convertible Frame Header

    I'm looking for a 68-70 B-body (maybe other years fit too?) convertible top frame front header....the front "bow" where the top latches bolt on. Does anbody have one? THANKS!
  13. PurpleBeeper

    WTB Holley rear bowl (early dual feed) poor condition is okay

    if you get stuck, it's the same a front/rear six pack bowl (ask me how I know) and you can buy them new (if you must) from Chicago Carburetors. "Dimensionally" all the v-bowls are the same, front or rear, unless you need to mock up & clearance something to do with which side the fuel line comes...
  14. PurpleBeeper

    WTB 68/69 Rallye switch for 2-speed wiper

    Please tell us exactly what you are trying to do. I saw your other post looking for a 3-speed wiper motor. Please explain your plan. Germany is a long way to ship wrong parts. People here are very helpful. Good Luck!
  15. PurpleBeeper

    WTB 3 Speed wiper motor

    Yes, exactly what car do you have? Is it originally a 3-speed wiper car? Is it important if the date on the wiper motor is correct for your car, or you just want your wipers to work?
  16. PurpleBeeper

    WTB Under Hood/ Trunk Lamp Pkg.

    Sorry to Hijack - I'm curious exactly where that mounts and how it's wired. My car came with one that just had some wires dangling and I took it off. I'd put it back if I knew the right way to do it.
  17. PurpleBeeper

    WTB 69 B Body Seat Belt Retractor

    Dude, no problem, I appreciate the new info. My memory is off. I'm learning a lot myself..... so, from what I'm reading in the other posts..... 1. 67 is the last year that is loose belt/loosebelt. 2. 68/69 are half-roll/loose belt 3. 70 is also half-roll/loose belt BUT a different...