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  1. 63max wedge

    OME Max wedge valve cover

    In 76 trade my 67 HEMI R/T to GTX John for a 63 330 Max Wedge car and a little cash. If you look you can see no paint underneath the intake. Do we over restore the cars. Or did mopar do this lightening the car. LOL.
  2. 63max wedge

    SOLD 64 MAX WEDGE intake

    1964 426 MAX WEDGE intake 2402728 all thread look good all plugs and throttle bracket go with intake. $2400 OBO + shipping. My mistake the intake with the flat is my 62-64 nascar intake. Good thing someome but he did not recognize the intake. If you use pay pal add 3%.
  3. 63max wedge

    SOLD 67-70 Hooker header

    Good used condition 67-70 body 2 inch tube 3 1/2 collector. Not all beat up see photo $250.00 + shipping.
  4. 63max wedge

    FOR SALE 63/64 PLymouth

    1963/63 Plymouth short hood spear NOS with the box. The chrome looks good no rust mark. On a 1-10 looks like a 9+. $150.00 OBO can ship for $20.00 in the lower 48 states.
  5. 63max wedge

    WTB Max wedge rods

    Looking for 8 max wedge rod no junk.
  6. 63max wedge

    FOR SALE 1962-64 Max Wedge air filter

    Two fram air filter new in the box CA170PL $60.00 + shipping
  7. 63max wedge

    SOLD 1966-70 B Body 4 speed cross-number

    66-70 b body cross-number $65.00 +shipping
  8. 63max wedge

    SOLD 66-70 BB Engine mount

    used 66-70 361-440 engine mounts $35.00 + shipping.
  9. 63max wedge

    FOR SALE Speedo pinons 66-78

    Used speedo pinons gear 26, 27, 32, 33, 36, and 38 tooth $15.00 with the shipping.
  10. 63max wedge

    You can call on the brakes 608 479-2720 Dave

    You can call on the brakes 608 479-2720 Dave
  11. 63max wedge

    FOR SALE Rear disc brake

    New rear disc brake parts 8 3/4 and dana 60 $275 + shipping
  12. 63max wedge


    New a little surface rusty from setting for a long time. I checked with US tool on the price of the TORQUE BOXES $390.00. A little too much for me. Not make of gold LOL. $125.00 with shipping in the US.
  13. 63max wedge

    FOR SALE 1963 Max wedge Velocity stacks

    Velocity stacks for 3447 carbs to be OME. The screen are gone. If you think they are not explain why. $825.00 OBO.
  14. 63max wedge

    FOR SALE Parting Out 63 Plymouth Belvedere 4 Door.

    Looking for a good hood? No rust
  15. 63max wedge


    2 Fram air filter new in the box $40.00 each will ship. No pay pal.
  16. 63max wedge


    1664 11.0 TO 1 Piston STD 6 good piston 63 13.5 to 1 STD piston 4 OEM and 3 TRW/ SPEED PRO $15.00 EACH
  17. 63max wedge


    1962-64 MAX WEDGE dual plane intake $1000.00
  18. 63max wedge

    WTB Max wedge

    Looking for 1963 max wedge part? Blocks, rod, intake and 1964 max wedge roller car.
  19. 63max wedge

    FOUND 426 max wedge parts

    Located two sets of piston.