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  1. furious70

    WTB WTB 72 big block torsion bars

    After doing research I'm only interested in larger aftermarket bars
  2. ckessel

    Found a honey hole.

    A freindship/connection to not abuse.
  3. O

    8 3/4 Housing - Is this crazy?

    they had mig and stick and big water cooled spot welders and torches back then I worked in the factory and used all in my location , I would grind off the mess. grove the crack and weld up with 7018 lh make a jig and check for alignment when cool .
  4. JC Boatguy

    Acceptable Battery Charge Volt Range -- 15.5 too high?

    I agree with you, I've even had digital multimeters LIE TO ME!!! Sent me on a wild goose chase replacing good alternators, finally i used a different meter and it was perfect at 14.5!
  5. T

    Cassette player mount cover

    Here's the factory cassette player in my 71 Challenger for reference. Terry W.
  6. J


    New Price $25.00 for both emblems plus actual shipping.
  7. Roger63

    Found a honey hole.

  8. AR67GTX

    Unbelievable: Sold car now he want's his money back

    I think Steve has made his decision. No point in the audience second guessing it. Hope the car is in the same shape as when it left your garage and needs nothing other than minor repairs to get it running again. Good luck.
  9. Roger63

    Found a honey hole.

    Last weekend we had a little hot rod get together here in my little town. It was the 1st time I had my car out since i bought it last year. I met a gentleman right away that brought a 383 powered 70 charger. We hit it off after chatting all day and making a deal on some parts we both needed he...
  10. AR67GTX

    What was the Best Era?

    The 60s were the best for me. As the 70s progressed with the gas crises, decline of performance cars, catalytic converters, unleaded gas, disco, heavy metal and glam rock, the Carter years, inflation, etc - it felt like a decline to me. Maybe it was just getting a degree and getting out of...

    barring ware with 2 different oil

    I come by that honestly.....beside not spelling it correctly.....I also wouldn't own one....sorry.... BOB RENTON
  12. Beeorange

    For Sale *Not Mine* 70 Road Runner $55.3k NY

    Interesting. The address you provided has the car (and another one) with an address of 743 North Ketser Ave, Scranton PA The link I found after googling Chips Classic Cars is this Listings – Chips Classic Cars – Driving Dreams, Creating Legacies This link has an address of 43 North Ketser Ave...
  13. 68-500

    What was the Best Era?

  14. eldubb440

    What was the Best Era?

    I absolutely despise my cell phone :mad:....... until I need it :lol:
  15. moparedtn

    What was the Best Era?

    Before the internet and cell phones, kids were allowed to just be kids... I think that may well be the biggest change for the species ever - and it isn't a good one.
  16. moparedtn

    What was the Best Era?

  17. moparedtn

    For Sale *Not Mine* 70 Road Runner $55.3k NY

    No interior or underhood pics?
  18. 68-500

    What was the Best Era?

    Little hipacritical but anything pre cell phone. When you wanted to be gone you just left. Nobody could call, text or find your location. If you wanted time away you just walked outside, **** that phone on the wall you probably couldn’t hear it. Im working on getting back to that time. Believe...