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  1. glorydays

    295x65x15s on my 1965 Belvedere

    i'm running 7.60 moroso on super tricks up front. not that much fun on the street.... i only use them for going to car shows. i run 7.10 on some keystones when i just want to cruise around in between shows.
  2. glorydays

    Brake Lights Inop on my 64 Savoy

    there should be a wire/ pigtail from the harness right under the column for the switch. get the service manual off the internet to follow the wiring diagram
  3. glorydays

    Race Hemi air filter element

    the K&N filter is just a huge round air filter that when layed into the base and the cover on top conforms to it. There is no metal like the older filters... if i needed one again.... I would find a couple of same thickness round K&N filters. cut them to length and butt end them in the base tape...
  4. glorydays

    Race Hemi air filter element

    A200A12 k&n
  5. glorydays

    Race Hemi air filter element

    i have the whole thing plate, filter, and cover.... what do you need to know?
  6. glorydays

    63 Savoy master cylinder upgrade.

    all u need is one from 67
  7. glorydays

    SOLD 8 3/4 3.91 Pumpkin (non-posi)

    i'd love to buy those but need to ship...
  8. glorydays

    572 HEMI Cross Ram w/2 -770 Holleys - open to suggestions for intake change

    i had same setup 2 770's on the street.once i tuned my carbs i never fouled a plug. i leaned them out with IFR restrictors, changed pump cams , and 02 sensor. no lean surges with a stick either...
  9. glorydays

    65 Only

    outstanding. wish i had one like this
  10. glorydays

    WTB Plymouth A990 vent control bezel

    yes mine came out great Red Venom
  11. glorydays

    max wedge exhaust manifolds

    whoops! :)
  12. glorydays

    WTB Wtb holley 4224 center squirters

    Looking for 2 holley 660 center squirters for tunnel ram. Thanks jr
  13. glorydays

    WTB 426 hemi tunnel ram

    Looking for old weiand tunnel ram for 4150 base carbs. Thanks in advance... junior
  14. glorydays

    64 Only

    more pics!!
  15. glorydays

    WTB Direct Connection 426 hemi valve covers

    Looking for aluminum hemi valve covers. please PM thanks JR
  16. glorydays

    Cross ram manifold, common plenum or two single planes?

    you can build your own syncro… rtv, uni sync, hole saw,and carb hat super easy... 4235 and 4236 holleys do not a vacuum port at the base...