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  1. 440 Source

    Saw This On FB - 440 Source

    To answer everyone's questions, sorry they aren't US made. Making them in the US would have cost 3 times as much, and for that type of money, you can just buy regular roller rockers, and there would have been no point to making the Ductile Iron style. They have just shipped out from the...
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    440 Source?

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Yes, we are relatively small. We currently have 4 employees, in the past it's been up to 6-8, but that's about it. Our shop is 10,000 square feet. Most people don't realize how small the Mopar market is compared to Chevy and Ford stuff. Summit has hundreds...
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    Aluminum water pump - bolt heads hit pulley

    Bolts - Water Pump to Housing (4) - w/ Billet Alum Pulleys-440 Source
  4. 440 Source


    For those interested, we are coming out with new mounts soon that will fix all these issues. (Should have them in stock in about 4-6 weeks) The new part number will be "2250HEAVY" and they will likely be $29.95 each. Here are some of the differences:
  5. 440 Source

    Concern over "New" 68-70 B-body motor mounts from China....

    For those interested, here are the differences between the new mounts we are coming out with soon (Should have them in stock in about 4-6 weeks) and the ones currently on the market. The new part number will be "2250HEAVY" and they will likely be $29.95 each.
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    WTB Mopar 971 Oil pan

    The repops are much thicker. The original factory pans are stamped from .049" sheet metal, and we are making the reproductions from .083", about a 70% increase in thickness over the original factory ones.
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    WTB Mopar 971 Oil pan

    Yes, the reproductions are a done deal, they have already been produced and we are just waiting on shipping to our warehouse. So expect them in 2-3 months. They will likely be in the $199-$249 range.
  8. 440 Source

    WTB Mopar 971 Oil pan

    Also, we paid $430 for the original (you are free to verify this with 5.7 hemi, the above user who sold it to us), so we'd have to get that price back if you want to buy it from us.
  9. 440 Source

    WTB Mopar 971 Oil pan

    Its the same blue one pictured above. We also have a grey one. They are both factory original pans.
  10. 440 Source

    WTB Mopar 971 Oil pan

    That is the only pan that works for that application. We will sell it for the same price we bought it for if you want it. Turns out we had a couple extra original pans we didn't end up needing.
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    Aluminum heads

    We have all Trick flow heads in stock. 240 Flat tappet, 240 Hydraulic roller and 270's. Trick Flow Aluminum Cylinder Heads-440 Source
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    2 groove crankshaft pulley

    Is the time worth it when you can buy a brand new one for 59 bucks? Single Groove Crank Pulley - New Reproduction-440 Source
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    Concern over "New" 68-70 B-body motor mounts from China....

    There are only two companies still actually making those mounts, Anchor and Westech. Any other "brands" you buy are just one of these two being reboxed. These are known in the aftermarket as the "2250" mount. They are both made in China or India, they both suck. Unfortunately these are the only...
  14. 440 Source

    WTB Mopar 971 Oil pan

    We are still working hard on reproducing the 971 pan. We've hit a lot of roadblocks in some areas and made progress in other areas. But we are pursuing all options. If anyone has any more 971 pans in good condition that they would like to sell to us, that would help the project move along more...
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    Hard to believe the price difference

    We sell the IC843-030. Our part number for it is 5036. We have multiple sets on the shelf, ready to ship within minutes. Our price is currently $699. Both Summit and Jegs are north of $800. Mancini's price is very low, they likely have very old stock, if they actually have them in stock. If you...
  16. 440 Source

    1968 Charger R/T 440HP engine with TOO high oil pressure

    This always works well for situations where the oil pressure needs to be dialed in (up or down.) Adjustable Oil Pressure Regulator-440 Source Also, FYI, the Melling and the Mahle pumps are the exact same item. Melling is the actual manufacturer. Mahle buys them from Melling and re-lables them.
  17. 440 Source

    Which is better and why? Old 440 or newer 6.4?

    We do remember that, and we are going to carry the actual 402 pan in the future for guys in your situation where they want to re-use the original pickup, or want the "402" stamping for a restoration... or other reasons similar to that. Thanks for the feedback!
  18. 440 Source

    WTB Mopar HP 893 0il pan

    We carry the hemi pan here: Oil Pan - 6 quart - A or C body with tie rod relief - Black-440 Source And the 893 pan here: Oil Pan - 6 quart - 67-69 Big Block A Body Factory Repro Pan-440 Source Both in stock and ready to ship.
  19. 440 Source

    Which is better and why? Old 440 or newer 6.4?

    We keep over 161,000 Big Block Mopar parts on the shelf ready to ship to you within 24 hours. Nothing about building a Big Block Mopar should be hard to find if you check out our web store: -440 Source
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    440 stroker block Cam bearing damage

    It will be fine. Recommend polishing it a bit with some scotchbrite to remove any high spots.