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    71 RR 4-link question

    The QA1 was just slightly higher in price, plus I'm getting the Wilwood axles for the brake conversion at the same time that RMS offers. It made sense to get them all from the same place. RMS is also only a couple hours from me, so I might go pick them up instead of paying for shipping. I...
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    71 RR 4-link question

    I have settled on the RMS kit, but I have yet to pull the trigger. I'm hoping to start moving forward in the next few months.
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    Reproduction power brake pedal

    Someone on another platform was able to point me in the right direction. There's a pivot linkage that reduces the ratio by roughly half that is added for power brakes. Here are a couple of links for future reference: Brewer's Performance Summit Racing
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    Reproduction power brake pedal

    I'm in the process of putting my parts list together to convert to Wilwood disc brakes and got into the master cylinder sizing. My current pedal has a ratio of 6.7:1 which would indicate that it's a manual brake pedal. From what I've read, the power brake pedal has a ratio of 4:1. I've got...
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    71 RR 4-link question

    I'm looking at RMS and QA1 as well. Those appear to be the best option for my budget, but a few others to consider: Freak Ride 4-Link MOPAR Coil-Over Rear Suspension Systems | Control Freak Suspensions Magnum Force Prolink Rear Suspension for A, B, C, and E-Body Dodge, Plymouth, Mopars You...
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    For those thinking about ditching torsion bars.

    They look like nice units, but they seem quite a bit more expensive than the other options out there. The rear especially, although that price may include the rear end and brakes, which makes more sense.
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    Can Someone Explain what Is Happening Here...

    I second that. That happened on mine as well. It's an easy mistake to make. Also the cable doesn't have to be connected to cause issues.