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    In need of a 1970 440 rear A/C bracket - pic enclosed

    For a friends 440 charger we could not find a rear RB ac bracket. So I took a 383 bracket and cut .750" out of it and re welded back where it fit. You could do the same.
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    Fire Extinguisher placement

    Mine is in front of the pass seat. I can reach it easily and its not in my way.
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    WTB 65 B body convertible top frame needed

    20 years ago when I got my 65 coronet convertible I had to make new metal and weld repair to the front header. My rear bow was rusted and unusable. So I found that the 80's mopar convertibles had the same profile/ shape. It took two bows cut and welded together to get the correct length. Post...
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    WTB 15x10 steel wheels

    I can make you the wheels you want. Pictures of the last set I made.
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    WTB 1966 Hemi 8-3/4 rear axel assembly

    I have most of the parts to build you a 1966 Hemi b-body 8 3/4. 8 3/4 housing. 742 case, sure grip ( clutch style), 4.5bolt pattern axles. 11" drum brakes . Just need to buy the gears and bearings, seals and new brake parts. I have several other projects for people needing completion...
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    1965 coronet trunk light

    While I am upgrading my 65 coronet's wiring I have a couple of upgrades I plan on doing. Trunk release is taken care of. Need help with the trunk light. Any one have a picture of the trunk light in their car? Thanks
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    65 coronet a/c

    I recommend rebuilding the factory stuff. Been working on rebuilding a couple early B Body factory A/C systems myself. The switches ( most of the time are broken) can be rebuilt. I had the switches rebuilt and they are better than factory and will last 100 years. If you want to use a modern...
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    FOUND poly / sb three groove crank pulley 1965ish

    Looking for a three groove pulley from a poly or small block. Pictures borrowed from the web.
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    Source for a Turn Signal Cam

    Sticker says 63 thr 66
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    Late 70's A/C Compressors

    Looks like you can use what you have pictured. Then use the hoses for your car.
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    65 coronet small block exhaust

    I have a 273 that I used to replace my poly 318. It had a-body manifolds on it so that's what I used. After several years of driving like this I got some small block Dakota exhaust manifolds that dump in the rear. Had to make block off plates for the smog pipes. I like them.
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    Source for a Turn Signal Cam

    Just installed this in a 1965 Plymouth. Shee-mar Part number MD2095
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    1964 A/C unit

    I am in the process rebuilding two factory 1965 coronet ac units. I can help you if you would like. E-mail me I don't always login when I visit the web site.
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    Aftermarket Air

    I have two 1965 factory AC systems that I am working on this winter. I think it would be easier/cheaper if you fix what you have. I can work with you on what I have found. Did you have the vacuum / air control switches rebuilt? They are prone to breaking. They can be rebuilt. e-mail me...
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    Did I find an early b body sway bar?

    I think the humor that is on the internet keeps me coming back. Gee, it took me time and money to figure out what would work. Not even a thanks. It was like six years or more that I was goofing around with that sway bar. http://www.1962to1965mopar.ornocar.com/mopar-swaybar.html
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    Did I find an early b body sway bar?

    I used moog part numbers K90599 and K7061. The k-frame square bushings are a little big in the hole size due to they being for a c-body. The bracket will need the welds cut so the bushing can be replaced. Also the bushings for the strut rod will need to have the sides trimmed. I did this on a...
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    Magnum/LA exhaust manifolds

    I have a set and believe the the will fit. I am wanting the extra room so I can install fast ratio idler and pitman arm arms.
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    70 Charger headlight relay conversion

    I used a 80's Chevy truck relay that was for the heater core fan. It was heavy duty and easily available. If you get it from the junk yard grab the wire harness clip to hold the wires. If you are going to but new from the parts store a head light wire clip can be made to work. I also added...
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    Lets see your cars!

    This is my 65 in front of the north Chrysler assembly plant (picture with out the water tower) and the south assembly plant in St. Louis, Mo. The south is now history and the north is being demolished (now 4-4-11). Alot of cool car were born at these two facilities. A lot of good jobs are now...