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    72 Plymouth upholstry on 73 Dodge seat

    I put the 72 covers on my 74 seate they look great. I was worried that I had heard from others that something might get caught on the buttons and rip them out.So I went with the earlier covers they fit and look great
  2. J

    Sons of Anachy T-shirt gift.

    As a ret member of an outlaw club I would not be caught dead in one and Yes I would give them hell fo it. Anyone who thinks it would be a good idea- I've got a couple of pounds of rice Iin the cabnet for your wannabe ***. The show it is just as real as Miami mice or conair. Entertaining but...
  3. J

    like a rolling stone

  4. J

    Nascar practice today

    Just a good thing for her that she does not get paid by the lap. Never get a full paycheck
  5. J

    Ammeter under dash fire.

    I did a very easy fix when my dash was out. I went to the hardware store and got some plastic spacers, drilled the ID out a little bigger and cut them off so they are a little longer than the metal frame that surrounds the terminals. So now there is no way a terminal can short to the frame no...
  6. J

    Well how did i do?

    here is a read you may like http://www.hemmings.com/hcc/stories/2007/09/01/hmn_feature1.html
  7. J

    Who makes Year One's seat covers?

    I normally don't care for classic's customer service or pricing. what made the diff was the Xmas sale, then I did see a big savings.I can'treally talk about pui on seat covers, but when I bought my window sweeps the outside was fine. The insides were made wrong and when I called them they said...
  8. J

    Removing woodgrain from console

    tip on your new overlays my originals had a clear layer that the replacments did not have. The clear helpedto protect and shine. I went to my local sign shop and had them make and apply a layer of clear and it looks great and was cheep 10-15 bucks
  9. J

    FYI - 1973 RR bumper filler on ebay

    I got one from them a year back or so and am happy with it. BUT now I need the ends. Anybody who needs them please call them and ask them to push thier manufacteror to get them done. Sales potential=production
  10. J

    Who makes Year One's seat covers?

    Stay away from pui or pg. who makes them? call legendary they will tell ys. I got a complete set of legendary from Classic last xmas and saved a bundle on the holiday sale, I even got seat foams with the wire built in for the 73/74 buttons. but I went with the 71/72 because I heard storys of the...
  11. J

    73 charger

    Go to the Hamtrammick(sp) regestry there is a wealth of info
  12. J

    Carpet trimming

    one thing about cutting holes and trimming carpet. You may want to take an old soldering iron and melt all exposed edges. This will prevent cathing a thread and pulling a complete line on carpet out. Stitched edges are ok because they are adready protected. This is very important on seat bolt holes
  13. J

    Statement from Stacey David about the TV show Gears

    Fox strikes again, they would screw up a wet dream.
  14. J

    Question about Phoenix Az.

    yeah Vegas
  15. J

    Anyone got a line on rear bumper fillers, side pieces?

    good luck if you find any repops let me know, been looking for a set for 3 years
  16. J

    1973 plymouth RR Window Fuzzies

    stay away from pui they suck
  17. J

    Looking for a Vender of Small Restoration Clips & Fasteners

    if ya like mr g, get what you can while you still can. Danged nice guy just a couple of miles from me. been there a bunch of times. But he is getting on up there, I have not seen any sort of a person to take over when he retires. He has an amazing inventory of what nots and do dads. Many not...
  18. J

    YearOne rant,Seriously almost 15 bucks to ship four nuts!!!!!

    Never bought anything from them, never will. I will try to keep trackof my nuts, so I don't have to order more.
  19. J

    This Road Runner belong to anyone here? LOL

    Too bad they stoped making Quaaludes