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    FOR SALE Parting 1973 Dodge Charger ( WH23 Car)

    Hello I'm looking for front spindles and caliper brackets, would you be willing to sell them? Front spindles and caliper brackets?
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    SOLD 1969 Dodge Coronet 500 Parts Car For Sale $2,000

    Hello do you think the instrument cluster is any good?
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    SOLD 68-69 standard dash instrument cluster

    Hello Kyle do you still have the instrument cluster?
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    Coolant pukes out of overflow tube after shut off

    I'm happy that's all it was, my block was a '65 383 with a lot of hard use
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    Coolant pukes out of overflow tube after shut off

    You probably don't want to hear this but I had the same problem and suffered through it for a summer until it got progressively worse to the point I could not drive the car I thought it was a head gasket I pulled the head off replace the gasket it was not the problem what was the problem was...
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    383 running hot

    You can try taking the impeller out of the housing and Tack welding or riveting a plate behind the fins you take a Round Disc the diameter of the impeller then drill a hole in it slightly bigger than the shaft then cut it in half put it on the back side and take it to the blades or drill and...
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    Favorite oil

    Brad penn 40 + comp 159, every oil change or Schaeffer 40 + comp 159
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    Can it be this simple, valve adj. as shown on Hot Rod TV

    The method that 69bee spoke of is the way I was told and shown by Ray Barton when we picked up our hemi hot off the dyno. I use it on all my motors, no problem
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    Just replaced my electronic ignition w/ points, yup.

    Anyone know where to get good points? Napa?
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    Help for new engine

    A high pump is not needed the stock pump is incredible. The best thing you can do is increase capacity of pan, and either increase the internal pickup to 1/2 inch or better yet go the external pickup route. Hv pumps and thick oil. (20/50) kill horsepower. Also ALWAYS use the aftermarket tapered...
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    66 Satellite question, need a quick answer

    Just my opinion but if you are keeping the car and the trunk lid turns out to be the same I would never sell anything, what if you had to go back and buy a new one it's a real pain in the ***
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    Big block power steering pump question

    That makes sense because the big pulley that's on there will make the belt hit the bottom side of the water pump pulley
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    Big block power steering pump question

    Never heard of that one I might try it if I can't get a pulley from someone can't hurt
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    Big block power steering pump question

    Thanks a lot I really appreciate it I will call them
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    Big block power steering pump question

    Thank you very much so there is a difference between a small block pulley and a big block pulley? Also is the big block pulley smaller in diameter because the belt is very close to hitting the water pump pulley on the bottom side
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    Big block power steering pump question

    Good morning quick question I am putting a power steering pump that was previously on a small block onto a big block I have changed the brackets over from a small block to a big block so it fits on the pump only problem is it doesn't line up with the pulley it needs to be about a police with...