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    late model hemi into early b bodies

    what car was the donor for the engine and how many ponies does it put out at th real wheel
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    mopar blocks

    what mopar car have v8 blocks bigger than 383 looking for something like a 440, but dont know what cars meening newer cars will have them
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    Hemi selfbuild

    this is just a idea try find a old mopar at wreckers yard with a hemi and rip it out there must be other cars made with that engine in this day and age
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    Anyone ever run twin turbos on Mopar BB?

    i know of it being done but the guy i knew who did it had alot of money to waste his setup wsnt cheap, its possible to do but will cost you abit unless you have the tools and know how to do it all yourself
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    yeah will get some this week after school
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    yeah panama man its muscle car heaven down here i found a charger 500 once i offered the guy 20,000 cash and the car was totaly wrcked had a hemi but he declined, yeah the car needs work i could do most of it myself after school my dad has all the tools to do the work. this is panama anythingis...
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    okay thankyou, what side is the inspection sticker in the usa because i live in central america and we have ours over the driver side
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    hi i have found a possible 1969 roadrunner but not sure if it is or not could any body please tell me where the fender tags and VIN tags are located on the car. thanks