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  1. Richard Cranium

    I've been scarce around here lately. Here is what happened.

    I’m guessing that he was at least 350.
  2. coronet68mx

    They live amongst us . . .

    Pretty much yes a lot of idiots trying to make a living out of nothing, just plain stupids, me ... well I filled my life with blossom :lol: Hot as hell
  3. 68-500

    Estimated Horsepower (Just Curious)

    Personally I’d like to know if more about the pistons. If they’re not in quench pad type you may need to run ethanol fuel ,E-85. Race gas in a street car is just not practical unless you’re bank account is very large. As far as HP id guess 400 that cam isnt much different from factory advertised...
  4. Dave6T4

    Estimated Horsepower (Just Curious)

    I think you have too much carb and compression for the cam you are using. I think I would install a second head gasket on each side to get your compression down to run available fuel, if this is a street car. I think 9.5-10.0 compression with iron heads and today's fuel is about all you can go...
  5. 4mulas

    Estimated Horsepower (Just Curious)

    If you can confirm that indeed they are 11.5 to 1 compression pistons I’d expect around 415-425 horsepower. That said I don’t think I’d want 11.5 to 1 pistons with your combo far all the detonation reasons everyone else mentioned. ‘if the pistons are around 9.0 to 1 comp pistons which would...
  6. A

    Mopar Big Block High Volume Oil Pump Bolt Size

    Thank you for pointing that out. With a standard pump this would more than likely be needed, but I did not have that issue with a high volume on my 383. The original shorter bolts for the standard pump were about 2.75in long, so this would make sense for that application.
  7. 7

    Organisol paint (where to buy)

    Yeah, they were helpless.
  8. R

    FOR SALE 1968-70 Rear Armrests. Repop

    1968-70 Rear Armrests. Repop. 2 sets $60 per set
  9. S


    I've always loved Shepherds, don't know why.
  10. R

    FOR SALE 1969-70 Dash Pad

    1969-70 Dash Pad $50
  11. Matt B.

    Headlight bucket

    QuickBpBp, what I need is the grill mounting hardware. Not just the screws but the retainer’s as well. Do you have an antenna cable as well? thanks MattB
  12. biomedtechguy

    Sudden oil loss, max wedge clone

    I can assure you that pulling spark plugs in my 440 Roadrunner is no holiday, BUT if you have a ring problem THAT spark plug is definitely going to look different. I'm sorry you're having trouble, but the BEST thing to do is get an accurate diagnosis, and I believe visual spark plug inspection...
  13. R

    FOR SALE 1968 Carter 4426S Carb

    1968 Carter 4426S Carb, manual trans, 383, AVS $225
  14. XS22J8R

    What is difference in late B body ignition switches w/tilt vs n/tilt

    I checked with my friend, coils measured 4700 ohms, book says 8000. Voltage at ballast resistor was 10.8. After some cleaning up and such it measured 13.7. As previously mentioned the issue is intermittent, I bought the car 2 years ago and I have had this problem off and on since I got it. It...
  15. 1 Wild R/T

    Sudden oil loss, max wedge clone

    Your getting ahead of yourself, try easy first.... If that fails be ready for major but don't rush it...
  16. dart4forte

    Duct Tape Drags

    Went yesterday down in Tucson. Pretty big compared to years past. Saw this jewel parked down by the Roadkill cars. Real RT, U code. Looked to be a nice driver.
  17. PPRCuda

    WTB 1970 GTX NOS

    WTB! 1970 GTX NOS headlight bezel(s). Overseas buyer from Finland, Europe. Paypal, willingness for shipping needed. Thanks!
  18. 1 Wild R/T

    Sudden oil loss, max wedge clone

    Pull the plugs & see if there's any deposits... It could look oily but modern oil sometimes leaves a white powdery deposit... Get a borescope, pull the carbs & try to look in the ports that have deposits... Could be valve seals, or it could be the intake gaskets... The noise is...
  19. R

    FOR SALE 1970 Cluster Bezel. Mint

    1970 Cluster Bezel. Mint $340