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    Thanks for all the replies. Now that the cruise season is almost over, I will try the disasembly and find out how this works. The reason for the removal is that I have read that this area is ported for better flow of the box. Thanks.
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    And you think that you could find a schmatic of the box on the net. Or simple disasembly instructions.
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    No one has anything to offer?
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    WTB 1965 Plymouth Belvedere

    Contact BREWER'S Performance
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    63 Fury Dash lights

    From fuse holder the tan wire goes to the headlight switch (Supplies power) thru the fuse to the orange wire which goes to the dash lites
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    exhaust hanger brackets

    JOE SUCHY had some brackets made.
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    66-67 coronet speedometer repair

    This may also be called a Hair spring.
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    66-67 coronet speedometer repair

    Anyone know how the clock spring is secured? The needle will not return to o .
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    Can anyone tell me how to remove the valve section from the 800126 box? This is the part that the lines are connected to, the part is held on with 4 bolts. Will this just pull off over the steering shaft when unbolted. Is the any rebuild instruction published anywhere? The internet returns no...
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    Air cleaner rubbing

    Go to the wix filter site and you can find a different height filter
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    66 coronet sail panel and package tray fit

    Working on 66 coronet and would like to see some photos of the package tray and back top of rear seat, how did they trim this area? also does the package tray sit on top of the quarter trim panels? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Help on Steering Columb Horn Mechanism

    How about several coats of liquid electrical tape? Try a small skinny bike tire tube and glue in place? Make the gasket out of silicone? Try the dipit tool handle dip? I will soon have to do this task for my wheel. Please post your solution.
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    Help on Steering Columb Horn Mechanism

    The brass/copper ring for the horn contact is available new, it comes with a new gasket to insulate it from the wheel and ring.
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    Interior panels touch up

    Be sure to clean the area with a good wax and grease remover to get rid of the armorall and polish
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    Lets see all the cool 66-67 b-body mopar pictures.!!

    All nice cars! Can anyone post a photo of their back seat top where it fits against the package tray? 1966 coronet 2dr hardtop. Thanks
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    65 Belvedere engine harness

    Try Evans wiring Harnesses, very good people.
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    Drop Base Air Cleaner Throttle Clearance

    Sounds like you need the BFH tool. You could just put a small dimple in the base for clearance.
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    Last Carlisle question I promise

    sun screen lawn chair plenty of water.