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    6 Barrell A/F help

    there is no easy answer to these threads
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    Carb sputtering on six barrell engine

    Six paks are not washing machines, they need to be set up for the application. Lack of manifold heat has nothing to do with your problems, you want the manifold heat blocked off anyways. 195 Thermostat to start and down the list you go Go to the lift off hood playground and get the six pak...
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    Holley sixpack issue

    Lots of mistakes starting with use bolts not studs to mount carbs. Carbs require a specific baseline set up - if this is not followed you are wasting your efforts. Do not listen to the idiots about cooling - the engine requires a 195 degree thermostat for the fuel to atomize efficiently. There...
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    Ever Dine With a Famous Person (or famous person to be)?

    Gatornationals 1993 maybe. Spent the weekend meeting every famous drag racer one could want to and hanging out in some in their pits while spending a bunch of time with Miss Mopar. Scott Geffrion was awesome to hang out with - pro stock. 240 Gordie Bonin, Roland Leong, Leonard Hughes, Don...
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    High Performance brake shoes

    No, stop, i don't believe you with the failures, BS. I have too many years of doing this, well connected since 1982 with a few clutch and brake remanufacturing companies. kma
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    High Performance brake shoes

    high performance means the car stops! without fade. When organic linings get hot- the chemical binders rise to the surface of the shoe and glaze it, loosing the friction coefficient of the lining & the life of the shoe is over with. Metallic linings will not do this. Carbon metallic linings do...
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    THIS Should Be A Good One...... Mecum 2023 Wing & Mopar Collection

    Richard...show us your fabrication skills-post pics.
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    AFR ALL over the place

    coolant temp is too cold. fuel is collecting in the intake and burning off...195 thermostat needed
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    440 that doesn't want to idle ... Tale as old as time

    torque converter! 510ish cam on a stock converter.....:poke:
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    Disc brake conversion is still not really "right"

    but the master cylinder was very hot to the touch...like, just out of an oven hot, but not glowing. the underhood temp is very high, fix the temp problem under the hood
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    Fuel pump

    electric fuel pump is a band aid solution the car has high underhood temps, fix the temperature issue under the hood, make sure the fuel lines are routed correctly and there will be no vapor lock
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    67 GTX brakes

    You will be amazed at the braking power when you install the proper linings Nice car!!!!
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    67 GTX brakes

    NO! NO! do not buy asbestos shoes!!!! Call Rochester Clutch and Brake He speaks mopar!!!! Ask Sam rochester clutch and brake
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    Bellhousing runout question

    Finally...some one installing a bellhouse the correct way. Everyone pay attention now. Make sure both mating surfaces are super clean with no paint etc Install every bolt and torque to spec. Be sure the threads have assy lube on them. I use studs not bolts. Much better results. Be sure the BH is...