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    Lets see all the cool 66-67 b-body mopar pictures.!!

    67 belvedere garage for 25 years , mechanicals freshened this spring. way too much motor but is driven on street ....
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    Lets see all the cool 66-67 b-body mopar pictures.!!

    25 year storage in garage , freshened this spring, streetable but too much motor for street ........
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    413 OS pistons

    hello , food for thought ......I have done this many times .......a 413 bored +.065 ( which is not bad for the old castings) is 4.25 " which is std bore 383 or 426 wedge ! the 426 street wedge pistons are 10 to 1 and they made many different 383 pistons , the thing to remember is deck height of...
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    SOLD 1965 satellite convertible project $2750 american

    hello , car is sold this AM ......went north
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    FOR SALE 8 3/4 3.55 gear open, 3.23 open

    have two complete open center sections for 8 3/4 mopar rear end. fresh take outs , good and greasy , not rusted inside. 3.55 $250 , 3.23 $200 plus frt , and are heavy !
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    SOLD 1965 satellite convertible project $2750 american

    just checkin in , not much interest here, if not sold by april 1 , will part out car, really a shame to but need to be gone.
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    for sale : 426 hemi pistons mopar nos singles

    i wil have to look for some rods ...I have some long ones and also some aluminum rods ....would that work ????
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    Wanted: 1966 Coronet Door Panel Trim

    hello have a set of 1967 coronet ( might be r/t ?) been long time in rafters these are complete and blue , nice take outs for two door hardtop 67. I cant remember , they might have the power window switches ???? have all four pieces.
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    for sale : 426 hemi pistons mopar nos singles

    hello have for sale an assortment of around 25 single nos chrysler 426 hemi pistons. also some used ones. i have no full sets currently. have standard , +.005 , +.020 , +.o30 and .060 ..031 and .094 pins . have one +.020 nos street hemi . have a few for long rod nascar motor style. most are...
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    Factory heads which one for 440 hi po street

    squelch true will not effect emmissions much . the reason for a tight area or squelch area is to create turbulance in the combustion chamber wich helps control detonation , one reason modern cars can run higher compression on s***y gas is they have a tight squelch area to force air fuel mixture...
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    71-74 b-body automatic console ..really nice w/panel

    nice complete console for 1971-74 b-body charger r/t , gtx, road runner satellite super bee rallye and 71-74 e-body . really nice piece with wood insert and box door. no cracks , scrapes , extra holes, has lived in the rafters for last 25 years as a spare and now car is sold. green in color and...
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    426 max wedge block

    hello .....I have bored many max blocks ..4.25 inches to a 440 ..4.32 many times . the 440 std bore pistons are easy to find ! the 426 to 440 is .070 over bore which means your +.060 would only need another .010 which might be able to be honed ! the AAQA block is very stout . I have bored...
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    WANTED Looking for a crossram intake for a 440

    hello - have str -14 crossram with two edelbrock carbs, with some linkage and no air cleaners . carbs are 750 cfm or could supply 625 cfm carbs. clean unit , top has been professionally repaired , can hardly see. will only sell complete . $1500.00 plus trip cost. fits rb mopar 413 426 440 with...
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    SOLD 1965 satellite convertible project $2750 american

    1965 plymouth belvedere satellite convertible project , needs restration. 383 / automatic ....unknown condition. has all convertible parts. some chrome removed and in trunk with console. has four aluminum rims. needs floor pans but most of car in decent condition. asking $2750 and selling with...
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    Looking for a 66-67 belvedere or satellite convertible near Illinois if possible

    have 66 satellite convertble w/title . baby blue and white interior. complete but needs everthing restored, have extra 1/4 panels and one front fender . 383 4V automatic console , has oem am/fm radio , chrome rallys , hasnt ran for a few years asking $4000 , car is in southern missouri.
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    I would like raise my rear about a one inch and a half

    my 64 chrysler was a tail dragger , especially with a full trunk and passengers. I installed the sring overloads on the rear shocks... now sets about 2 1/2 inches higher and doesnt cornor like the queen mary , handles much better with a little stiffer suspension to boot !
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    426 ID help

    be careful...even streeet max is 11.5 to one compression with bigger combustion chambers in max head , compression could also be as much as 13.56 to one ....wow ! so use the best gas you can buy and watch timing to prevent detonation . just a little detonation will melt ring lands in pistons ...
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    1965 satellite four speed console

    original console for satellite or coronet with four speed trans. fair shape with decent chrome. all four speed parts are good but very rear inch or two is messed up on console. sell as is for $750.00 , more after i clean and detail. no tach or clock , has filler plate for hole. no picture today...
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    426 ID help

    sounds like a max block or could be...all maxies were high nickel block with AAQA cast on front of block in large letters.