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    Valuation for 66 “g code” 4spd?

    Yup- just a wheezy ol 383 here !
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    67 Charger shoulder belt option

    Am looking for a shouder belt solution for my 67. any aftermarket kits out there?
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    Aftermarket gauge options/placement ?

    AR- that’s quite nice and looks original! Great idea. My challenge is I don’t have a console; so unsure if I add one or fabricate something that blends a little better
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    Aftermarket gauge options/placement ?

    Would like to add something a little more accurate than factory. What brand do you like best and is there an alternative to the 3 gauge pod hanging from dash? Wish the glove box was closer as I’d hide them in there.
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    Fast and Furious

    My favorite observation of the race scenes is that the driver always shift gears constantly. “That thing has a 8 speed??”
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    Intake Options- what fits?

    Building a 383 Stroker and heads finally shipping today. Naturally, my first thought for intake selection (Edelbrock) looks to be sold out. Anyone know if the Trick Flow Track Heat will fit without cutting the hood on a 67 charger? RPM height lists as 5.35", with the TF at 5.75". If so, how is...
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    66 Instrument cluster.

    my bezels. Did non AC cars have black surround and AC have chrome? Bezel in middle is non AC
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    66 Instrument cluster.

    I understand- but perhaps Mark could ship one to you. I am not restoring all 3. The extras are cores for him.
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    66 Instrument cluster.

    if you are looking for a restored cluster, let me know- just sent 3 clusters off to Mark Gibson as cores. maybe we can sort something out with him. fwiwi- he is a 6 month lead time.
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    66 / 67 Charger rear defrosters -- rear speakers -- and electric antenna.

    Recently acquired 67 from original owner which according to tag was factory built for him. There are a few odd bits- factory air, 4 spd 383 with console delete. What’s interesting is the antenna- I’d be curious to look under fender to see if the OEM has been filled; but look at attached photo...
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    Charger purchase advice?

    Was this the one listed at 4k or is there another one? Only other blue one I saw was from a few months back
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    Charger purchase advice?

    On the hunt for a driver that could be taken to next level. What areas besides the headlights and dash lights should I be looking at? Is there a particular area know for rust or issue w wiring? If someone has been considering a sale- feel free to Mssg me. Tia