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  1. 69sunfireGTX

    Crazy,on crack, or both?

    This thread is way to smart for me. I own a corvette with a small block. :carrot::lol:
  2. 69sunfireGTX

    Mopar Celebs

    I think I got it: 1.who cares 2. who cares 3. Some old guy & Leah Pritchett 4. who cares 5. who cares 6. who cares 7. who cares 8. who cares 9. Hot babe (Leah Pritchett) :thumbsup:
  3. 69sunfireGTX

    Argentina GTX

    looks like a Pontiac with GTX badging to me
  4. 69sunfireGTX

    Where is Car Nut

    Thats sucks! I always enjoy looking at the pictures that he posts.
  5. 69sunfireGTX

    Stock HP manifolds

    Power grout? Is that something they do on the west coast?
  6. 69sunfireGTX

    Does anyone "Name" their cars???

    I just call my car what it is "the GTX". A few people I know decided they were going to call it the "Banana". So, I renamed those two to "Rocket Man" and "Einstein" being they were both so quick and witty. Banana never stuck but Rocket man and Einstein are both sporting their names proudly...
  7. 69sunfireGTX

    hemi cuda

    Just a bit. :lol:
  8. 69sunfireGTX

    70 Bee???

    Whats not to like?