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    68 Charger silver

    Thanks, will see if PPG can give me a formula that I cross over to Axalta-Spies Hecker. This car doesn't have a vinyl roof.
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    68 Charger silver

    Has anyone painted a 68 Charger in silver? The paint code is AA1, but was wondering if anyone had any luck crossing that up to new basecoat/clearcoat. I don't really want to spray this car in Acrylic Enamel.
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    SOLD 1968 Dodge Charger Body Shell Only!

    measurement Say, 500 Fanatic. Can you do me a favor and go to my post about measurements and see if you could get me a measurement I need? I will adjust for your shell having the cowl still on. Thanks, Bernie. [/LEFT]
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    Measurement on a 68 front rail

    Hey, anybody out there with a stripped down 68 B body? Finally getting back at my charger. Life got in the way for the last 5 years. Can't believe it has been that long. Gotta get this thing done before I get my first pension cheque!. I need a measurement from the top of a b body rail at the...
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    numbers of certain colors

    Hey,I was wondering if anybody on this site would know if there is anywhere you can find out how many cars of a certain paint scheme were produced?I have a 68 charger 383 4b that the fender tag says it was black with white vinyl top with maroon and white interior.I can not find a picture of a...
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    Been busy!!!

    engineers Well,Donny,it"s good to have you back with your interesting threads.Ihave also often thought it would be interesting to be an engineer.But I noticed long ago that when sitting at a RR crossing and looking at the train go by,the engineers are never smiling.The money is good,but useless...
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    Progress report, Junkyard Dog

    rr Matt,that is impressive.Taking it very methodical and meticulous will pay off in the long run for metal fitment..But,I wouldn't back up too close to that wiring in the background or it might reach out and grab you,never to let you go.LOL!!. Bernie.
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    another garage find

    cuda From that one pic it looks to be in pretty nice shape.If it has been parked for 30 years it should still have a ton of original metal left to use and doesn't look like it would be all rusted away..If you don't buy that car now,you will be lining up friends in 6 months to kick you in the...
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    69 1/2 A-12 bee

    No pictures,No price. No interest.
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    Things we can't do anymore......

    Remember when you could go out halloweening,come home and gorge on candy without having to get your parents to inspect it first for needles and razor blades? How about when we lived in town and my dad used to pull us around behind the half ton on a car hood in the winter.Couldn,t afford a...
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    Little Red Book

    red book Yes,I have one.It says "Dodge & Plymouth Muscle Car" Red Book.It covers from 1964.Serial #'s,Options and specs,Colors and codes,Photos and history.It was published by Motorbooks International and the author was peter sessler.It's only about 5" x9".
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    Single stage...polish????

    And don't think that once you sand into the metalics,you can just put a coat of clear on it.That will magnify the shitty effect.You will have to refinish that panel.
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    Single stage...polish????

    You can do all that to a solid color single stage paint job,but you better be careful on a metallic or you will screw it up.
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    68/69 charger pole

    Had a 69 rt in high school and a 69 rt in the 80's so I always liked them better than the 68's.But bought a 68 three years ago that I am doing now and the more I look at it I am liking the 68 better.
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    Order your FBBO T Shirts Now!!!

    Just ordered mine.They look great.Thanks for the effort.
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    Classic Industries - Mopar

    mopar catalog Thanks for the info.Just picked up the AMD sheet metal for 3/4's of a 68 charger that I ordered through Jeff.It was drop shipped to montana within a week and was an overall good experience.Thank you jeff.If anyone else needs metal,he is fast and gives a good deal.I know propwash...
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    70 Chevelle SS

    chevelle Donny!! You had me feeling like I was cheating on my wife when I glanced at those pics..till I looked over my shoulder.
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    Donny's 1969 GTX

    gtx Hey Donny,are you still around? Did you recuperate from the daughters grad? Get one of those cars finished blasting? Looking for the car **** so I can get the enthusiasm for mine this fall. Bernie.
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    More Rusted Metal.... help

    5.7,the leading is a real good idea.Since he asked about cutting it out ,I didn't think of the leading,which would actually work better.
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    More Rusted Metal.... help

    Those are rust pits under the primer.Quit brazing metal in autobody 30 years ago because it warps metal and filler will let go of brass,then you got a big mess.You are better off cutting out a strip of metal 1" wide and the length of the pits and butt welding in a patch with a good mig.That part...