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  1. Bobby Sixkiller

    Vehicle transport

    Couple years ago I spent 1k from California to Oklahoma on an open trailer. Car ran.
  2. Bobby Sixkiller

    Passwords WTF

    I text my passwords to myself. It works.
  3. Bobby Sixkiller

    Anyone have a just-turned 3 year old (kid or grandkid)?

    Granddaughter is 3. She seems pretty chatty. Hard to understand some things. Others not so much.
  4. Bobby Sixkiller

    Cop stopped me yesterday

    A whole chicken and a coke. Lol.
  5. Bobby Sixkiller

    Cop stopped me yesterday

    Not really. My brother JTP68charger had his polara out and we went for a cruise around the lake.
  6. Bobby Sixkiller

    Can I take the A/C off?

    Man you bring back memories. I use to take the a/c off everything. Extra weight. In the way. Less is more. Now I’m old and if it didn’t have a/c it gets converted. Anything you take off just save. One day you might want it back on there.
  7. Bobby Sixkiller

    Blinker staying solid not blinking

    Man I’m not up on led bulbs but I sent an old girlfriend in for some blinker fluid back in high school. She was really ditsy and really pissed when she came out from the parts store. To this day when I see her in passing she won’t speak to me
  8. Bobby Sixkiller

    My son had a really big party last night, then this happened.

    Man that turned out way better then I thought when I clicked on this thread. Congratulations to him!!! I guess I was thinking of the dumb stuff I did at parties years back. My parents weren’t there.
  9. Bobby Sixkiller

    Who has E bodies? Let’s see.

    Took mine out for a short trip today.
  10. Bobby Sixkiller

    I bought a Dodge Dakota quad cab

    Good trucks. I wish I still had my 01 but it was a 2.5. Word of advice on the 4.7. Don’t get it too hot. If it overheating shut it down. The heads expand faster than the seats and the valve seats will fall out. They don’t fall past the valve but will hold it open.
  11. Bobby Sixkiller

    Rant: I hate chrysler

    Change the oil pump on your Chevy without pulling the oil pan. How about adjusting your distributor. It’s easy access on a 440. How about valve lash on a stock 440. I’ve always seen chevys kinda like a bic lighter. Blow it up. Throw it away. Get another. Probably best to not complain about...
  12. Bobby Sixkiller

    Vintage garage stuff

    My shop needs cleaned again. It get so dirty in the wind.
  13. Bobby Sixkiller

    Fuel pump noise?

    My calipers are electric and the battery is dead so I didn’t measure the pushrod but compared it with two other used ones. Same length and no abnormal wear. Also it runs good. When I pulled the pump back off I pump it by hand and it’s really loud on suction side. Not thinking it’s bad really...
  14. Bobby Sixkiller

    Fuel pump noise?

    Ok confirm it’s the pump. Pulled it back off. Start. No noise. Compared to old. Not much different. Old pump was only a year or so old. I’d buy an expensive carter/holley/edelbrock but not sure they would be better. Then need a regulator for certain ones. This pump is carter m6935. If it’s...
  15. Bobby Sixkiller

    Fuel pump noise?

    Also I checked the pushrod while it was apart. All good there. My guess is cheap China part. Ugh
  16. Bobby Sixkiller

    Fuel pump noise?

    Oh by the way it runs great. Just strange noise
  17. Bobby Sixkiller

    Fuel pump noise?

    Ok so my fuel pump went out a couple weeks as go. 74 challenger with stock low cr 440. Headers intake 750 holley. No big deal. I put an electric pump to get by that was laying around. Today I get my new pump in the mail. Put it on. Remove electric. All back to normal. It makes a strange noise...
  18. Bobby Sixkiller

    Took my challenger to a local show today

    It is an r/t se. original paint non numbers matching 440 4 speed Dana 60. He bought it in 1980 from a used car lot local. $800 bucks.
  19. Bobby Sixkiller

    Took my challenger to a local show today

    Good friend of mine had his there too. His is orange. Mine is black. Great day.
  20. Bobby Sixkiller

    Runs lean. No matter what you do. But I found it

    Not sure how I overlooked that but if anyone has trouble getting a carb dialed in check the plug. I’ve never even thought about taking one of those people lugs out. But someone must have