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  1. rlsbee

    Flowmaster question

    I'll have to look into that. I have access to a borescope and with the tailpipe off, I can look inside. I like Flowmasters, too. When I had the 2 1/4" pipes, I had Flowmasters on it and I ran them for about 15 years. I love the sound and get lots of good comments on the way it sounds.
  2. rlsbee

    Flowmaster question

    I've had Flowmasters on my '68 Bee (383 car) for a few years. All new 2 1/2 " TTI pipes with 40 Series Flowmasters. In the last few months, I've noticed a change in the tone on the drivers side at about 2K RPM. That has always been the point where I get the drone, but now it's kind of a sharp...
  3. rlsbee

    Manifold to head seating - how do you check it?

    I like that idea about the clay. Didn't think about that but I have some around here that I used to check piston/valve clearance when I built that engine. Thanks, great idea and much neater than prussian blue.
  4. rlsbee

    Manifold to head seating - how do you check it?

    When installing a new manifold, how do you check that the manifold is properly seated, with full contact, on the head? I've used prussian blue and it's okay but I was wondering if anyone had a better method. Ed: Yes, I meant intake manifold
  5. rlsbee

    Lets see some Super Bee stripes

    here's mine
  6. rlsbee

    Ken Montgomery RIP

    Sadly, I learned that Ken Montgomery passed away. Ken's '555' (triple Nickel) '65 Plymouth was well known and respected in the northeast. Anyone who had the privilege to meet Ken, met one of the nicest guys in drag racing. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
  7. rlsbee

    Some photos of my 1963 Dodge 330 Hemi

    That's a really neat car and I like it a lot. I think the 392 is really a cool idea. I love to see someone who has done something a little different. Very nice car, Sir!
  8. rlsbee

    D-O-D-G-E Dealership letters- very cool

    Not mine but I thought someone might be interested. Saw these on Craigslist (South Jersey) and these were too cool. Had to post this: http://southjersey.craigslist.org/atq/3410241941.html
  9. rlsbee

    How has SANDY effected you??

    I was also very fortunate. I live about 30 miles west of the southern new jersey coast. The 'eye' of the storm passed directly over us so we got the 'front side' and 'back side' winds. Bad enough, to create some minor flooding and wind damage. On the southern jersey coast there is much damage...
  10. rlsbee

    Hello from New Jersey

    Welcome Pete. I live in Millville. At least I do today...hoping that Frankenstorm will not put South Jersey under water
  11. rlsbee

    65 Coronet Barn find...

    Nice big block car. Always nice to start with a rust free car..if it is.
  12. rlsbee


    I've also purchased tools from him. Well made, useful tools that are reasonably priced. He has a website: http://www.custommachinecomponents.com
  13. rlsbee

    Hubcap carry-on flight advice

    I'd ship 'em too. Too many possibilities to have problems. Is there a way to ask TSA or the airline?
  14. rlsbee

    1968 Super Bee find, and restoration.

    Always enjoy seeing another '68 Bee. Nice find. Good luck with it and please keep us posted.
  15. rlsbee

    Funniest phrases/questions/comments you've heard about your Mopar

    At any given show or cruise, someone will walk around my '68 Super Bee and ask what it is. After all it only has big decals on the side that say "SUPER BEE". When I say it's a 'Super Bee', 9 out of 10, will say something about it not having a wing on the back. Noooooo.... that's a Super Bird...
  16. rlsbee

    Missing wrench...found

    A little off the topic but ... I worked on the construction of a nuclear power plant. We xrayed a 36" main steam line after we welded up the root (called pulling the EB ring). These joints get xrayed quite a few times and this was the first xray for this joint. The NDE guys came back with the...
  17. rlsbee

    what exactly is "RARE".... ???

    One of my pet peeves is the word 'rare', especially when used to describe a car.
  18. rlsbee

    Back in my Belvedere

    I like stories like that. Glad you got it back!
  19. rlsbee

    Carb need cleaning?

    My car has a 383 with a MP 284/484 cam, and some mild porting on the 906 heads. I had a Edelbrock 750 (AFB type) and I could not get rid of the low end stumbling. Not real bad, just wasn't what I wanted it to be. I had a chance to try an Edelbrock 650 Thunder series (AVS type). It worked real...
  20. rlsbee

    Best Waxes These Days?

    I've been using the Surf City Barrier Reef. I don't know about their claim that they use white Carnuba rather than the cheaper yellow carnuba. It's supposed to come out with more clarity. Can't notice that much on my yellow Bee but on my red Ram, I can see a difference. I just know that I...