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  1. 1badgtx

    67/68 GTX pedal car Worth??

    There is a guy in petaluma..he owns a glass company and has hundreds of pedal cars...He has a yellow 70 superbird that is one of 5 made..He told me it,s not for sale and he has been offered 7500 bucks for it..
  2. 1badgtx

    Ebay Hemi Car 1 of 55

    Looks and sounds like the real deal to me...I,d buy it if I had cash...Nows the time to buy...
  3. 1badgtx

    Nascar look a like?

    Not a stupid idea at all...Heres an easy one ...Find yourself a 66 belvedere or sate;lliet...Do a 66 belvedere receration of richard perttys car...it,s the one i,d do...By the way I have a 67 gtx painted petty blue with his signature on nthe glove box door...
  4. 1badgtx

    Hood Pins

    Got the same kit from same seller for my 67 gtx...Cheaper than year one and probably same kit.. Petty Blue 67 gTx
  5. 1badgtx

    What is the most frustrating thing about your car?

    I ordered edelbrock heads and hooker super comp headers from summit...I told the guy what they were goimg on....Then on the passenger side two spark plugs were amost hitting the tubes on the header..Well the redneck in me said pound a little and make it fit...Called summit and they said you...
  6. 1badgtx

    A friends collection of memorabila

    Thats some cool stuff!!!I have alot of richard petty stuff....A friend of mine gave me a couple of flyers from fremont dragway with big daddy don garlitts....I al so have a flyer from pardise drag strip in calhoun ga...Dated 1965,Richard Petty and his 65 hemi -cuda...First place in super stock...
  7. 1badgtx

    Hello Everyone--Another Mopar Fanatic

  8. 1badgtx

    Hey beer drinkers!

    I,m in the same boat...It seems as you get older it,s quality and not quanity...It used to be buttwiper or even black label...I have had my share of pbr...Now it,s stout beer...The darker the better...Guinness is my all time favorite...I also like the micro brews....Heres myn list.. 1 guinness...
  9. 1badgtx

    Lost my Dad

    Sorry for your loss...It,s hard for you i am sure...He will be waitin for you..I heard that in hevan they drive only 4 speed hemi cars!!!!!We will all be bangin gears one day!!!! Petty Blue 67 gTx
  10. 1badgtx

    1967 Satellite "barn find"

    Nice score!!!!!You have all the makings for a pro street gtx clone!!!!The satellite shares alot of stuff that came on the gtgx...Tail light bezels,interior....Add a set of scoops and a few badges then it,s an easy gTx!!! Petty Blue 67 gTx
  11. 1badgtx

    70 Percent of Ground Beef at Supermarkets Contains ‘Pink Slime’

    The dry aged steaks that you get at high end restuarants is not all that different than any other..Usually the restuaraunts will just hang a whole export rib in their cooler for a couple of weeks....Then it has the age and flavor that older people are used too...We did it all the time for...
  12. 1badgtx

    70 Percent of Ground Beef at Supermarkets Contains ‘Pink Slime’

    The regulation comes from the u.s.d.a....They are the ones that auctually decide on the grade of the beef at the slaughter house...The code date on the box or even the package is a check date..It does not mean you got to throw it away....Heres another good one for you guys...Worked with an old...
  13. 1badgtx

    66-67 B-Bodies Affordable?

    I have to agree with what is being said..I found a hemi 66 belvedere 2..The guy was asking 40 grand...Then he said it,s just a starting price..Clean car...Needs a little cosmetic wirk and thats it..Galen govier certified and all that stuff..You also have to remember that the market is slow and...
  14. 1badgtx

    Mopar Performnace Monster Tach with shift light

    Sale Pending.... Thanks FBBO!!!!
  15. 1badgtx

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome!!! Petty Blue 67 gTx
  16. 1badgtx

    70 Percent of Ground Beef at Supermarkets Contains ‘Pink Slime’

    Another beef tid bit...Back in the old days the goverment said that beef should be aged from 6 to 8 weeks...This means that it is hung up in coolers..To help out the beef industries they dropped the standard to 3 to 4 weeks...So the beef companys have a quicker turn around...This is why beef...
  17. 1badgtx

    70 Percent of Ground Beef at Supermarkets Contains ‘Pink Slime’

    spent 13 years as a union meat cutter..I have seen some pretty aweful things...Take pork for instance...Most pork in the stores are injected with water and salt..The water is for a better yeild,the salt is a preseritive...Lets take the ground beef...Most of the ground beef sold in stores comes...
  18. 1badgtx

    Mopar Performnace Monster Tach with shift light

    I have a brand new still in the box MoPar Performancew Auto meter Monster tach for sale..It is part number 1-p4510438.Silver with white face and shift light..This tach does not have memory..It is a 10,000 rpm tach... Discontinued by mopar performance in 2008 or 2007.. Looking for 175.00 and...
  19. 1badgtx


    You might even try to find a rust bucket car with a 400 in it...Cordova,wagons and others...Just a thought.. Petty Blue 67 gTx